Dario Argento and Psychotic Women collections coming to Shudder in October

Dark Glasses - Courtesy Shudder
Dark Glasses - Courtesy Shudder /

Shudder has announced two new Collections coming in October, just in time for the heart of the Halloween season.

First up is All Hail Argento, celebrating the Shudder debut of Dario Argento’s newest masterpiece, Dark Glasses. Already on Shudder are several of the films included in the collection: Deep Red, Tenebrae, Inferno, Trauma, Phenomena, Demons, Demons 2, Dark Glasses and The Cat o’ Nine Tails.

Joining those classic offerings on October 10 are:

Opera – An opera star named Betty is cast in Verdi’s Macbeth in the leading role, and ends up being stalked by a killer. The black-gloved murderer ties her up and tapes needles around her eyes (ugh) so she cannot close them, and she is forced to watch her friends’ brutal murders.

The Stendhal Syndrome – Anna is a detective on the hunt for a serial killer, and begins to suffer from Stendhal syndrome, which causes one to be overwhelmed by works of art and results in psychosis. When the killer finds out about her disorder, he uses the knowledge to aid him in abducting and raping her. Though she escapes, the trauma has left her dangerous to those around her.

Photo: The Cat O’ Nine Tails.. Image Courtesy Shudder /

The second new collection coming to Shudder in October is House of Psychotic Women.

Current Shudder titles included in the collection are Alone With You, American Mary, The Babadook, Asylum, The Baby, Bleed with Me, Carnival of Souls, Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker, The Corruption of Chris Miller, Dream No Evil, Darling, Il Demonio, I blame Society, Knife of Ice, Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion, Knocking, The Midnight Swim, Ms .45, Orgasmo, Next of Kin, Phenomena, Resurrection and Prevenge.

New titles being added for the House of Psychotic Women collection include:

October 1:

May – Poor May (Angela Bettis) has a lazy eye that has been covered with a patch, and is…well, she’s a little odd. Her only friend is a pristine doll kept in a glass case, but she starts to blossom a bit when her eye is fixed. Unfortunately, her new friendships sour, and May goes a little crazy. On a personal note, I LOVE this film and highly recommend it!

May – Courtesy Shudder /

October 4:

I Like Bats – Izabella (Katarzyna Walter) is a young woman working in her overbearing Aunt’s curio shop. In her spare time, she likes to indulge in the drinking of human blood, but she wants to change all that when she meets Professor Rudolph Jung.

Footprints – In this 1975 giallo, Florinda Bolkan is Alice, a young woman working as an interpreter in Rome. When Alice wakes up one morning with no memory of the past few days, she must follow the clues to find out what has happened.

The Rats are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here! – The Mooney family is just like any other family in town…except for the fact that they are all werewolves. Diana is the only family member who has not been cursed with the family secret, and she is now on a search for a cure to what ails her family.

October 10:

Identikit – Elizabeth Taylor appears in this one is Lise, a mentally disturbed middle-aged woman travelling from London to Rome. She meets several people during the journey, and along the way we start to realize that there is more to this trip than meets the eye.

In addition to the new collections, Shudder is also adding new films to their library, including some originals and exclusives.

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What do you think about Shudder’s October collections? Tell us which film(s) you are msot looking forward to seeing by dropping the titles in the comments box.