Something to look forward to in October: The return of Terror on Tubi!

Terror on Tubi - Courtesy Tubi
Terror on Tubi - Courtesy Tubi /

October is every horror fan’s favorite month for numerous reasons. There’s Halloween of course, but another of those reasons is the massive amount of horror films found on Tubi. Terror on Tubi returns this year, and along with the other 13,000 freaky films available to stream are included six all-new Tubi Originals.

Tubi has announced the following original horror movies and documentaries that will be “screaming” in October will include:

October 7:

Alone in the Dark – Bri’s ex-husband was a criminal, and she is under house arrest due to his crimes. But things get even worse for Bri when someone begins stalking her…someone who seems to have control of her surroundings. Alone in the Dark was directed by Pretty Little Liars’ Brant Daugherty, and was written by he and his wife Kimberly Daugherty (who also appears in the film).

October 12:

Battle of the Beasts: Bigfoot Vs. Yeti – In this, the ultimate creature feature, Bigfoot and Yeti have a fight to the death! These two mythical monsters are analyzed, comparing their fighting styles, weaknesses and strengths. Want to find out who comes out on top? You will have to watch it to find out.

October 14:

The Final Rose – Young single mom Jess (Christina Masterson of NCIS: Los Angeles) travels to a remote island to compete on TV’s hottest dating show The Final Rose. What could be a very romantic competition becomes a fight for her very life when a crazed murderer begins killing off the show’s contestants. Through it all, the cameras are rolling as Jess must fight off not only the killer, but also her competitors and the producers.

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Tubi remade an ’80s horror classic for Terror on Tubi.

October 21:

Terror Train – In this remake of the 1980 film, college seniors celebrate by boarding a party train that just happens to count among its passengers a mysterious masked killer. As the students party down during a Halloween-themed party, the murderer begins killing them off one by one. And it’s really hard to know who are the victims and who is the killer when everyone is costumed and masked.

October 26:

Lights, Camera, Murder: Scream – If you’re a fan of the Scream films, this two-hour documentary is a must-watch. Kevin Williamson was inspired to write the first Scream when he heard the true crime story of serial killer Danny Rolling, who committed five violent murders in the college town of Gainesville, Florida. Lights, Camera, Murder follows Danny’s life in a study of his murders and his ultimate capture.

October 28:

A Party to Die For – Sadie has always dreamed of leaving her past behind to become a socialite, and thinks she is on the right track when she makes friends with Jessica, whose dad is a Vegas tycoon. After the two girls party hard one night, Jessica wakes Sadie up and insists that she help get rid of a dead body.

While we don’t yet have the full lineup of films being added for Terror on Tubi, some of the selections will include IT, Hellraiser, the original Terror Train and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. You can also catch additional Tubi Originals including Titanic 666, Unborn, Requiem For a Scream and Famously Haunted: Amityville.

Not a Tubi subscriber? Why the heck not?! It’s free, and the films are not edited for content. Yes, it’s ad-supported, but hello…FREE. To subscribe, go on the website and start  screaming streaming today.

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