Spirit Halloween: The Movie is spirited family-friendly Halloween fun

Spirit Halloween: The Movie - Courtesy mprm Communications
Spirit Halloween: The Movie - Courtesy mprm Communications /

Anyone who loves Halloween completely understands the unbridled feeling of joy that comes with stepping into a Spirit Halloween store. It’s Halloween heaven, really, and you don’t have to walk through health and beauty aids and the sporting goods department to get to the gory goodness.

Within six feet of the entrance to any Spirit Halloween, there are four or five scary animated creatures, and at least half of them are going to jump up/out at you, causing you to laugh/scream with joy/terror.

Now, imagine if those animated monsters actually came to life. That’s what Spirit Halloween: The Movie brings us, albeit in a more or less family-friendly form. So if you require blood and gore, limb ripping and copious use of the f-bomb, Spirit Halloween: The Movie is probably not for you.

If, however, you enjoy a fun Halloween flick that you can watch with your kids, this will probably fit the bill. If your child is very timid, and can’t handle jump scares, this may actually be a bit much for them, but otherwise, I would say kids from about 8-13 should like it.

Spirit Halloween: The Movie invites us to spend Halloween night in one of their stores.

Spirit Halloween: The Movie
Spirit Halloween: The Movie – Courtesy mprm Communications /

Three middle-school aged friends have always trick or treated together on Halloween, but this year, Carson (Dylan Martin Frankel) has decided he is too mature, and would rather sneak into a high school party. Bo (Jaiden J Smith) agrees, but Jake (Donovan Colan) wants to keep the Halloween tradition alive.

Jake’s dad has passed away, and the two of them were really into Halloween, so the holiday is very important to him. The friends reach a compromise when they discover a remote Spirit Halloween store in the middle of nowhere, and come up with a plan to sneak in on Halloween and spend the night there. Hey, sounds like a good time to me!

At first, the boys are having a lot of fun, but then things turn scary, as the animated creatures come to life. Carson’s cute sister shows up and aids the boys in trying to defeat the evil afoot and the team discovers the story behind the presence that is possessing the Halloween decorations (it involves Christopher Lloyd, who we see at the very beginning of the film playing a mean old man).

Spirit Halloween: The Movie is mainly a film aimed at tweens and younger teens, but as someone who just loves everything about Halloween, I enjoyed it. Give it a watch if you are in the mood for a fun, silly Halloween flick with some lower-key scares.

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