31 days of horror movies: When I Consume You is both chilling and heart breaking

When I Consume You - Courtesy Exile PR
When I Consume You - Courtesy Exile PR /

The current trend in modern horror seems to involve trauma and the human response to it. When I Consume You is one of those films, so go into it expecting to get all the feels. Not everyone loves emotional horror, but I definitely do.

Daphne and Wilson are siblings who just barely survived traumatic childhoods, and their early family life has definitely left scars. Daphne is a recovering addict hoping to be approved to adopt a child, and Wilson is tragically insecure. He dreams of bettering his life and getting out of his current job as a janitor, but always seems to run into a brick wall.

The brother and sister are very supportive of one another, and it’s possible Wilson is the only reason Daphne is even still alive at this point. As if their childhood trauma isn’t enough of a cross to bear, there is also the problem of the man who is constantly stalking Daphne. This man isn’t just a loser hoping to get her attention, he is violent and terrifying, and seems to find her wherever she goes.

Although they are already very close, Daphne and Wilson find they must work together even harder when a tragic event upends their lives. You will get no spoilers from me, so that’s really about all I can say about where the story contained in When I Consume You goes from here, but trust me, it is a very well-executed, chilling reveal.

When I Consume You
When I Consume You – Courtesy Exile PR /

When I Consume You’s lead actors really sell the sibling relationship

I cannot say enough positive things about Libby Ewing and Evan Dumouchel, who play Daphne and Wilson.  They are the heart and soul of this movie, and it was easy to buy them as a very close brother and sister.

When I Consume You is a dark film, so save it for later if you’re just looking for a fun, simple horror flick. But if you enjoy a story that pulls you in and plucks at your heartstrings, go for it.

When I Consume You can be rented on a number of streaming services, including Amazon Prime.

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When I Consume You is a “small” film that hasn’t been talked about much. Does this recommendation inspire you to watch it this Halloween season? Let us know in the comments section.