Five Shudder titles to stream in time for Halloween

THE DARK AND THE WICKED. Image Courtesy Fantasia International Film Festival
THE DARK AND THE WICKED. Image Courtesy Fantasia International Film Festival /

There are so many horror films and series to stream on Shudder it can be overwhelming at times. So, if there is anything we at 1428 Elm can do to help narrow down your choices, we are more than happy to do so.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a short list of five Shudder original titles, highly recommended for viewing in October. One of these is a series (of which 6 episodes have been released), so you even get a few extra days out of it!

101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments of All Time (series) – We have all seen similar documentaries/series to this one in the past, but what I loved about Shudder’s original series is the fact that includes plenty of newer films as well as the standards. We all know that Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist, etc. are going to be included, because they really ARE great films with terrifying moments.

But you will also be treated to the inclusion of some very deserving more modern films as well. For example, 30 Days of Night isn’t a universally loved film, but it does have its moments, and it’s included on this list.

In addition to watching the very best scary scenes from a ton of movies, we also get commentary from horror icons such as Mike Flanagan, Tom Savini, Joe Bob Briggs, Greg Nicotero, and too many others to name.

Anything for Jackson on Shudder, photo courtesy of Shudder /

Anything for Jackson – Although this film has some pitch black scenes and story content, it also includes a few laughs along the way. Audrey and Henry adored their grandson Jackson, and are devastated when he dies.

Determined to do anything possible to get him back, they become Satanists just so they can get help figuring out how to accomplish their goal. What they find is a spell that has the potential to put Jackson’s life force into an as-yet unborn fetus. All they have to do is find a pregnant woman who nobody will come looking for, handcuff her to a bed and keep her there until they can perform the spell as she gives birth.

There are so many unexpected (and very bleak) shocks throughout this film, yet it stills keeps its vein of dark humor throughout.

Shudder has released some really dark and wicked films over time

The Dark and the Wicked – Yes, I know I have written about this film before. But I will ALWAYS bring it up when someone is lamenting how they are no longer actually scared by a horror movie. It’s one of my favorite Shudder Originals, simply because it is dark, and it is scary as hell.

Adults of a certain age can certainly sympathize with Louise and Michael. Their father is bedridden and unable to take care of himself, leaving their mother to take care of him and the farm they live on. So the two do what they think is the right thing by taking a trip to the farm to help. They don’t understand why Mom seems upset by their presence and repeatedly tells them to leave. They find out soon enough.

There is an evil presence that wants each of the family members, and it creeps under the viewer’s skin until we are both dreading and wanting to know what will happen in the end. Even though this can be categorized as a “slow burn”, there are plenty of scares and a particularly gut-punching scene involving Michael to keep us enthralled. Save this one for a night you want to be unable to sleep.

Deadstream – Courtesy Fantasia Film Fest /

Deadstream – One of the newest Shudder Originals, Deadstream is probably the most fun horror film I have seen all year. Shawn is a somewhat irritating YouTuber who has gathered quite an online following through his ridiculous internet series The Wrath of Shawn. In it, he films himself facing his fears in a variety of challenges, such as The Baby Moses Challenge, which involves Shawn wrapped in a baby blanket, pacifier in mouth, while navigating rapids in a basket.

We find out that he has more or less been “cancelled” due to some kind of disgraceful act on his part, and he is desperate to win back his followers. So, on Halloween night, he self-films himself facing another of his fears, ghosts. He is going to navigate Death Manor, located in the woods and known to be haunted. Though he plans to investigate solo, one of his fans shows up and joins him.

What makes Deadstream so special is the fact that it leans heaviest into the comedic aspects of the story, but does not scrimp on the horror. There are some very good scares to go along with the snickers, and I don’t think I have talked to anyone who did not thoroughly enjoy it.

Mad God – 30 years in the making, Phil Tippett’s trippy stop-motion animated film definitely earned its place on this list. It’s really hard to relay the actual story that plays out in the film, but you will still be riveted for every single second of its running time. The special effects and animation are jaw-dropping.

When Shudder first announced the release date for Mad God, they described it as “an experimental animated film set in a world of monsters, mad scientists and war pigs”, featuring an old, ruined cityscape and the comparatively tiny figure of a man who must navigate past zombie-like guards through strange landscapes.

If you have tuned into this year’s Ghoul Log, you have already gotten a small taste of what lies within the film, since the Mad God Ghoul Log is modeled after it. Check it out, it’s a feast for the eyes and the mind.

So grab your preferred streaming device, pull up Shudder and start watching these five recommendations for October viewing.

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What five Shudder films would you recommend as perfect spooky season material? Tell us in the comments section.