The Rise of the Beast (2022): Killer ape monster movie thingie

The Rise of the Beast - Courtesy October Coast/Uncork'd Entertainment
The Rise of the Beast - Courtesy October Coast/Uncork'd Entertainment /

Directed by Jack Ayers and from the producers of Winnie the Pooh: Bloody and Honey, get ready for The Rise of the Beast! It makes no secret that it’s a creature feature about a mutant ape, and one instantly knows one thing: This movie will have some instant detractors. You know what, though? I won’t bore you with some scathing review or some endless heaps of praise. I just want to say that, in many ways, we should just be grateful that, in chaotic times like these, people are still willing to commit time and effort to make monster movies.

This particular one is about animal rights activists (Sarah T. Cohen, Sian Altman, George Nettleton, Peter Jeffries) who break into a facility and, rather promptly, face off against a large, CG-animated ape. That oughtta show those wacky environmentalists, right?! Think you understand nature, tame it and save it?! Nature balks at this conclusion of yours and then roars, then tear you limb from limb, you pathetic wastrel! It’s nature’s way, folks!

Okay, so how far does “The Rise of the Beast” rise?

In case you can’t tell, I am unsure of how to return home with this article, as my natural habitat (Review Land) has nearly been destroyed, and my ability to present B-movie reviews has been endangered, if not fully compromised, by the nature of this flick. This review shall join the shadow of The Rise of the Beast and other bound-to-be obscure B-movies and their half-assed reviews.

What I can say is that, even though such movies are trapped forever in their limitations, some of these shortcomings can give them charm. In this case, it never seems like The Beast (or beasts)) are likely to overwhelm the city, and one freely assumes it could easily be defeated — things that make this story seem (almost) vaguely plausible. It is also better than some other crazy ape movies I have seen.

There is seemingly a “science gone mad” element here, as scientists and their government co-conspirators are able to manipulate the world as they wish (while paying a steep price, of course). Still, no one watching this will think the blood rain from beast attacks will be heavy and torrential. At most, The Beast causes bloodshed enough to soak his fur. B-movie horror fans are used to this blood spatter by now, and The Rise of the Beast will seem like a stroll in the park compared to some other, bigger, scarier creature feature monstrosities.

The Rise of the Beast
The Rise of the Beast – Courtesy October Coast/Uncork’d Entertainment /

What about the acting?

Though not the most memorable performance-wise, the acting in The Rise of the Beast is relatively decent, especially compared to what many would expect. Still, don’t expect to see breakthrough, life-changing performances of actors coming out of their comfort zones. This is more of a movie for when you’re seeking shelter from the outside world and want a monster movie marathon. It’s not as poetic an experience as watching the waves wash away sand from the beach. These characters are in a crisis situation, but it’s a large ape crisis, and the crisis results in some carnage.

Final thoughts

Honestly, you probably won’t remember all the details in this movie, for better or for worse. Just remember it’s got a giant ape, some scientists, and some violence throughout. Also, keep in mind: If everywhere around the world, large, angry animals and birds are becoming more numerous, it might be those damn scientists out there manipulating nature.

Why must those mad scientists always play god like that?! We all know that, when they are out scavenging for food, we may be on the menu, so we’d better stop venturing out on our own if we know what’s good for us! This movie also features Heather Jackson, Andrew Rolfe, and Erina Mashate.

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What are your thoughts on “The Rise of the Beast”? Go ape in the comments!