Tubi: All the horror classics and originals coming in December

Tubi in December - Courtesy Tubi
Tubi in December - Courtesy Tubi /

Tubi has horror and true crime on tap year-round, and their December additions include several originals that fit into each of those genres, along with some classics. Let’s start with the originals, shall we?

Bed Rest premieres on December 7, and stars Mellissa Barrera (In the Heights) as Julie, a woman who has struggled to maintain a pregnancy. Pregnant again, she has been ordered on bed rest in the new house she and her husband just bought. Boredom and anxiety begin to weigh on Julie, and after she has some paranormal experiences, those around her start to question her sanity.

Prisoner of Love debuts on December 14. The film is inspired by the true crime story of convicted murderer Casey Cole White and prison official Vicky White, who ended up aiding him when he escaped from Lauderdale County Jail in Alabama.

Suburban Nightmare: JonBenet Ramsey makes its premiere on Tubi December 21. 25 years after the little girl’s unsolved murder, people are still obsessed with the story, and this doc was made with the cooperation of JonBenet’s father John Ramsey. Now cleared as a suspect, John has pressed the Boulder Police Department to re-test the evidence and find his daughter’s killer.

The Stepmother 2 will be available to stream on December 23. Erica Mena reprises her role as Elizabeth, who has now escaped the hospital. Determined to acquire a new family (and maybe kill them).

Terror Train 2 premieres on Tubi December 30, and is the sequel for their remake of the 1980s murder on a train film. The survivors of the Halloween party train massacre are enticed to return to the same train for a “redemption ride” on New Year’s Eve. You guessed it, there’s a killer on board (again), and they end up fighting for their lives.

In addition to their originals, Tubi is also adding to their substantial library of horror films.

1408 – John Cusack stars in this adaption of Stephen King’s short story. Mike (Cusack) is a writer who investigates houses and buildings rumored to be haunted (though he does not believe in ghosts himself). In this case, he stays in room 1408 at The Dolphin Hotel in New York, despite being warned by the manager (Samuel L. Jackson) that no one has lasted more than an hour in the room. Bad idea.

A Nightmare on Elm Street – This 2010 remake of the original film stars Jackie Earle Haley in the role of Fred Krueger. More of an origin story than a straight-up remake, we learn that Fred was the groundskeeper at a preschool (ick).

Carrie – Though its been remade, and even inspired a stage musical, there is nothing quite like the original version of Stephen King’s first novel. Sissy Spacek is both terrifying and sympathetic as shy Carrie White, who is bullied at school by her classmates, and at home by her religious fanatic mother. When prom goes very wrong for Carrie, her newly discovered powers of telekinesis go into overdrive.

Freddy vs. Jason – In this Friday the 13th/Nightmare on Elm Street mashup, the two killers go head-to-head in a fight to the death. Poor Freddy Krueger, he just wanted to join forces with Jason after his own powers became diminished. But his attempt to control the hockey-masked killer didn’t work, and the two end up clashing.

Ghosts of Mars – This 2001 John Carpenter film bombed at the box office, but has since acquired a cult following. Carpenter wrote, directed and scored the film, which is set on a colonized version of Mars in the future. The residents of a remote mining colony are taken over by vengeful ghosts, and a group of police officers go to the colony in search of an escaped criminal.

Hereditary – Look, every horror fan at least knows about this film, even if they didn’t enjoy it or chose not to watch it. Despite the fact that the haters consider it boring or slow, most (including myself) found it compelling and frightening. If you haven’t seen it, watch it now on Tubi for free and decide for yourself.

Hostel (franchise) – Eli Roth’s 3-part torture porn franchise began in 2005 with the story of three young men backpacking in Europe. After meeting some women in Slovakia, one of the men is killed, and the other two end up being held captive and tortured. Parts II and III are essentially more of the same, with the third installment set in the US.

It – Andy Muschietti directed the 2017 remake of Stephen King’s iconic television miniseries, and this version gave us the hardcore horror and gore that couldn’t be shown on tv in 1990. The story is well-told and the characters are extremely well-acted, which is especially impressive since the majority of the main characters are kids.

Orphan – Isabelle Fuhrman is the title character Esther, a Russian girl adopted by an American couple (played by Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard). Her new mom is the first to notice that something is a bit off with Esther, and of course everyone else thinks she is going off the deep end. Fuhrman came back to play Esther again in 2022’s prequel Orphan: First Kill, which you can watch on Paramount Plus.

Isabelle Fuhrman as “Esther” in Orphan: First Kill from Paramount Players, eOne, and Dark Castle Entertainment. Photo Credit: Steve Ackerman/Paramount Pictures /

Poltergeist – The iconic 1982 original version introduces us to the Freeling family: Steven, Diane and their three kids, Robby, Carol Ann and teenaged Dana. It’s a bit puzzling when they start experiencing ghostly activity in their brand-new home, but it’s also fun at first. That changes when little Carol Ann disappears.

Queen of the Damned – Very loosely based on Ann Rice novel The Queen of the Damned, this film sees the return of the vampire Lestat (Stuart Townsend). He uses his success as an international rock star to publicize the fact that vampires exist, which of course, makes him some enemies. Pop star Aaliyah, who plays the title character, tragically died in a plane crash six months before the film was released.

Rob Zombie’s Halloween II – The sequel to Zombie’s remake of the classic slasher follows teenager Laurie as she struggles in the aftermath of Michael Myers’s attack on her family, friends and herself.

The Amityville Horror – Despite numerous sequels and remakes, none of those touch this original 1979 film, which was based on a supposedly true story. One year after Ronald DeFeo, Jr. shot and killed his parents and four siblings, George and Kathy Lutz move into their house. Trouble starts immediately, as Father Delaney is unable to bless the place and runs outside in a panic. And it gets far worse from there.

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