Coming to Screambox in December: History of the Occult, American Mary and more

History of the Occult - Courtesy Simply Legendary
History of the Occult - Courtesy Simply Legendary /

Screambox has announced their December line-up, which includes a handful of exclusive titles, along with some cult favorites. Let’s take a look at what Screambox has in store for us this month.

History of the Occult – This faux doc ended 2021 as the highest-rated horror film of the year on Letterboxd. Argentina’s investigative journalism television show 60 Minutes to Midnight is ending, and in the final episode they intend to prove that the national government has ties to a coven. History of the Occult makes its Screambox debut on December 6.

On December 27, South Korean thriller The Anchor will begin streaming. The feature debut of writer-director Jeong Ji-yeon, The Anchor introduces us to Se-ra, who anchors a nightly television news show. One night, Se-ra gets a phone call from a woman who says her daughter has just been killed by a man who broke into her house. She says she herself is going to be killed, and she wants Se-ra to be the one to report the murders. When the story turns out to be true, Se-ra begins her first real news investigation.

Night Terrors has already begun streaming on Screambox. Although director Tobe Hooper is well known to horror fans due to his work on films such as Poltergeist and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you may not be as familiar with Night Terrors. When a young girl travels to visit her father in Cairo, she becomes involved with a cult led by Paul Chevalier, who counts the Marquis de Sade as one of his ancestors. It seems that Chevalier has inherited the Marquis’ sadomasochistic qualities. Both Chevalier and de Sade are played by Robert Englund of Freddy Krueger fame.

On December 16, seven films will be joining the Screambox library:

Seven Below – Val Kilmer and Ving Rhames star in this film, in which a group of strangers on a tour bus are stranded by a storm. They end up in a foreboding house where a 10-year-old boy murdered his family during a hurricane in 1910. The home’s owner has his own mysterious reasons for wanting this particular group of people there, and they soon find themselves in danger after supernatural activity begins to amp up.

American Mary – Surgical student Mary needs money in a bad way, so she applies for a job at a strip club. She ends up performing illegal extreme body modification surgeries to earn the extra money she needs. When Mary starts her residency at a hospital, one of the doctors invites her to what she believes to be a networking party, but she is instead drugged and sexually assaulted. Mary later seeks revenge in very bloody ways. American Mary was directed and written by the Soska Sisters.

Screambox – Courtesy Simply Legendary /

Banshee Chapter – A young man named James disappears while investigating Project MKUltra. Knowing that he used the drug himself as part of his investigation, his friend Anna starts to dig around, and finds a video tape and notes left by James. Eventually Anna gets involved in some covert operatives and a very strange radio transmission.

Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes – When a Bigfoot Hunter comes forward claiming to be in possession of a dead bigfoot, an investigative journalist jumps in. Unfortunately, he is putting not only his life at stake, but also the lives of his film crew.

Dead Mine – In this Indonesian film, treasure hunters find themselves trapped in an underground island bunker when they are ambushed by pirates. Trapped, they search for a way out, but are instead attacked by strange and terrifying creatures.

Housebound – Kylie is caught by police when she attempts to steal money from an ATM, and is sentenced to eight months of house arrest. This means she must live with her mother and step-father, and an ankle monitor ensures she won’t try to leave. Mom thinks the house is haunted, and Kylie herself soon begins seeing and hearing things,

Outpost: Black Sun – A NATO task force is assigned to track a Nazi war criminal, and in the process, they find themselves fighting off an army of undead Nazi soldiers.

Not sold on these new titles? Already included on Screambox are Terrifier, Terrifier 2, PussyCake, Toxic Crusaders,13 Nights of Elvira, Master of Horrors, Pennywise: The Story of IT, and much more.

Want to give Screambox a try? New subscribers can receive an introductory three month subscription for only 99 cents per month. Use the promo code scream99 here to receive the offer.

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