Unwrap Joe Bob’s Ghoultide Get-Together this Friday on Shudder!

Joe Bob - Courtesy Shudder
Joe Bob - Courtesy Shudder /

One of the best gifts Shudder brings us each year is a new Joe Bob special, and Joe Bob’s Ghoultide Get-Together can finally be unwrapped this Friday! And prior to that, you can catch Mr. Briggs on this week’s episode of Dragula: Titans, on which he was a judge.

The new special will make its debut on Shudder at 9:00 p.m. on Friday, December 16, when The Last Drive-In cast and crew will bring us a double feature. Will one or both films be an actual Christmas horror film? Maybe, maybe not… Joe Bob loves to shake things up! During last year’s special, titled Joe Bob Ruins Christmas, the two featured films were Ice Cream Man and Gator Bait. But, the 2020 films were Dial Code Santa Claus and Christmas Evil, so it’s reasonable to hope for true holiday fare this year.

We do have a couple of clues that were dropped by the big man himself on Twitter last week. According to a tweet made on December 9, the special will feature; “1 Brit flick (and) 1 Canuck flick.” Most fans on twitter seem to be hoping the Brit flick will be Anna and the Apocalypse (which would be an excellent choice in my opinion). Ordinarily, Black Christmas would be my pick for the Canuck film, but that was already featured during Joe Bob’s Red Christmas in 2019.

Joe Bob
The Last Drive-In Special, Joe Bob Saves Christmas. Image courtesy Shudder /

Briggs also promised a couple of his trademark rants and a sappy letter, “because Darcy always insists.” Also returning will be the annual charity auction, allowing fans to obtain one-of-a-kind items, with the money going to various deserving charities.

Fright-Rags created some limited merchandise last year, and it appears they will do the same in 2022. I STILL regret that I didn’t have the funds to get last year’s amazing t-shirt! Maybe this year will be different.

On another note, Shudder fans have no doubt been made aware of the layoffs AMC Networks was responsible for last week. Shudder GM Craig Engler was cut loose (among others), and there are fears that the platform might be shut down entirely. For what it’s worth, I don’t personally think that will happen, but it was certainly a bah-humbug move to make these changes so close to Christmas.

Here’s hoping Shudder will continue in 2023, along with Joe Bob, Darcy and The Last Drive-In. And in the meantime, watch Joe Bob’s Ghoultide Get-Together on Friday night.

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What are your personal picks for Joe Bob’s Ghoultide Get-Together? Tell us which films you hope will be featured in the comments section.