Kindred Spirits returns to Travel Channel for new season in January

Salem Mass, Haunted Salem Live 2019 - Courtesy Discovery
Salem Mass, Haunted Salem Live 2019 - Courtesy Discovery /

The series Kindred Spirits will be coming back to Travel Channel and discovery+ in the new year, and paranormal investigators Adam Berry and Amy Bruni will again be joined by psychic Chip Coffey. Together, the team will work to help ordinary people who are haunted by the dead.

Using tools to aid them in communicating with spirits, the three will be visiting multiple haunted spots throughout the US in an attempt to bring closure and capture evidence at each location.

Kindred Spirits will make its premiere on both Travel Channel and discovery+ beginning on Friday, January 20, 9:00 p.m. ET. The remaining nine episodes will be released each Friday at 9:00 p.m.

The episode breakdown for Kindred Spirits is as follows:

January 20:

Broken SpiritsGreene County Historical Society and Museum in Pennsylvania was once a poorhouse and said to be a haven for unfortunates. However, under the sadistic eye of William B. Cage, the atmosphere was more like an asylum. Inmates were beaten, starved and mistreated, often sent to the basement, where they were placed in chains. The facility was eventually shut down, but reopened in 1968 as a cultural center. Now, visitors and employees sometimes hear footsteps, and have even reported seeing ghosts. Berry, Bruni and Coffey performed an investigation at several different areas, including the infamous basement. Can they bring peace to the tormented souls trapped there?

Kindred Spirits
Photo: Paranormal investigators and stars of “Kindred Spirits” – Amy Bruni and Adam Berry… Image Courtesy of Travel Channel /

January 27:

What Lies Below – The team visit the town of Palmyra, New York, where they investigate reports of aggressive activity that takes place in a local museum.

February 3:

Beware the Occult – A widow in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvaia calls on the team to help her after her home is the site of sudden paranormal activity. Is the woman’s late husband behind the activity, or could it be the old family bible?

February 10:

Ghost Ships – The Kindred Spirits team goes to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan to check out a floating museum that was once a freighter. Although there have long been reports of something strange on board, the activity has recently amped up, becoming more intense.

February 17:

The Angry Ghost – When a family in Albion, New York asks for their help, the team has to find out what is causing the apparitions, scratching sounds and physical attacks. Who or what is haunting the family’s home?

February 24:

Ghost Wars – This time, the team travels to Providence, Rhode Island to check out a haunted library. For decades, visitors and employees have been subjected to strange voices and books and objects flying from shelves and desks. Why are these entities so angry?

March 3:

Living With the Dead – In Massachusetts, another family needs the help of Bruni, Berry and Coffey. They claim there is a negative spirit in their home, and the activity is so aggressive that they have shut off part of the dwelling. The team tries to help them reclaim their home.

March 10:

Shadow in the Night – The team are called on to help a mother and children in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania who are being tormented by a shadow figure. Could this spirit have something to do with a local penitentiary, or did it come to the family via a portal?

March 17:

The Undertaker’s Return – In historical Gettysburg, the team sets out to investigate haunting activity centered around the caretaker of a home. They must figure out if the caretaker is in danger, and who the shrouded figure might me.

March 24:

The Country Club Murders – A double murder once took place at a country club in Beckley, West Virginia, and the investigative team attempts to check out reports that the murder victims may now be haunting the place.

If you can’t catch episodes when they run on Travel Channel, consider subscribing to discovery+ and watching them on demand. New subscribers can receive a free trial when they visit the website.

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