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February is right around the corner, and Tubi has plenty of horror content to love. In addition to the great horror flicks being added to their already impressive collection, Tubi is adding another original and fascinating true crime documentary.

Love You to Death: The Jodi Arias Story will be available to stream on Tubi February 8, and it’s a must for true crime followers. It takes a close look at the murder of Travis Alexander, who was viciously killed by his on again/off again girlfriend Jodi Arias.

Not only will the details of the crime itself be explored, but the doc will also re-introduce details of the sensational trial, wherein Jodi tried to claim that Travis had abused her. This despite the fact that multiple witnesses came forward to state that Jodi was obsessed with Travis, and seemed willing to do anything to be with him.

Horror movies and thrillers coming to Tubi in February include:

An American Werewolf in London – David Naughton and Griffin Dunn star as two friends visiting London. When they are attacked by a werewolf, one of them is killed and the other is hospitalized due to his injuries. His dead friend comes back to him in visions, letting him know that he is doomed to turn into a werewolf and kill people unless he kills himself before the next full moon.

Copycat – Criminal Psychologist Dr. Helen Hudson (Sigourney Weaver) is attacked after giving a lecture, and the trauma leaves her with severe agoraphobia. Helen is asked to consult when a serial killer wreaks havoc on San Francisco, and soon finds herself being stalked.

Hood Rat – When a slum lord is sentenced to live in his own housing project for 30 days, he discovers the place is overrun with man-eating rats. One of those rats (named Tara) is saved from a trap by a kind-hearted homeless man named Max, and takes it upon herself to persuade her fellow rats to protect Max at all costs.

Jeepers Creepers – A pair of siblings travelling home from college for spring break find themselves mixed up with “the creeper”, a tall, frightening creature who kills people for their body parts.

Leprechaun – An evil leprechaun is imprisoned at a farmhouse, then accidently freed 10 years later. On a quest to recover his stolen gold, the leprechaun kills a lot of people.

Queen of the Damned – The vampire Lestat is awakened from his slumber by a hard rock band, and joins them as their lead singer. When Lestat publicly flaunts the fact that he is a vampire, the first vampire Akasha comes after him.

Rob Zombie’s Halloween II – Zombie’s sequel to his Halloween remake/reboot is more violent and bloodier than his original film. It visits the trauma Laurie Strode experiences after her run-in with Michael Myers.

ROGER DALE FLOYD as Young Danny in the Warner Bros. Pictures’ supernatural thriller “STEPHEN KING’S DOCTOR SLEEP,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. /

Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep – With this sequel to The Shining, Mike Flanagan managed to merge together the original novel and the iconic film (which were very different from one another in a lot of ways). Danny, now an adult, ends up helping a young girl stay out of the clutches of Rose the Hat and her band of gypsy psychics called The True Knot. The group continues to exist by killing and capturing “steam” from people who possess the shine.

Tales From the Hood – This comedy-horror anthology film was executive produced by Spike Lee, and includes four stories. The urban-themed tales focus on racism, gang violence and other problems affecting the Black community.

Tales From the Hood 2 – 23 years after the first film was released, this sequel was released. It introduced five more tales, and features Keith David as the storyteller (who was played by Clarence Williams III in Tales From the Hood).

Valentine – In this 2001 slasher, a group of young women are stalked by a killer who wears an exceptionally creepy Cupid mask. Denise Richards, Marley Shelton, Katherine Heigl, Jessica Capshaw and David Boreanaz star.

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