Skinamarink and other films coming to Shudder in February

Still from Skinamarink. Photo Credit: Shudder
Still from Skinamarink. Photo Credit: Shudder /

Shudder is set to debut Skinamarink on February 2, so if you have been intrigued by the social media reviews of this low-budget horror film (as I have been), your opportunity to judge for yourself is on its way.

Skinamarink was made on a production budget of a mere $15,000, and earned over $1 million in its first six days in theaters. The horror community is super split on this one (imagine that, right?), with some saying it is very creepy, and the rest proclaiming that it’s very boring.

Skinamarink premiered at Fantasia in 2022, and tells the story of two kids who wake up during the night to find that their Dad is nowhere to be found. Not only that, all of the doors and windows in the house seem to have disappeared.

Just as they did in January, Shudder is adding a handful of originals/exclusives, along with the regular additions to their library.

Shudder will debut the film Attachment on February 9. It’s described as a “horror romance” involving a has-been Danish actress named Maja who falls in love with a young Jewish woman named Leah, hailing from London. Maja follows Leah home after she becomes injured, and meets Leah’s mother Chan, who seems determined not to like Maja. Soon, strange things start to happen in the building the three live in.

Sofie Gråbøl, Josephine Park – Attachment – Photo Credit: Soren Kirkegaard/Shudder /

Nocebo will make its Shudder debut on February 24. In this film, a woman and her husband are affected by the strange illness that plagues her. When a mysterious Filipino caregiver arrives, she performs a folk healing technique that reveals the cause of the illness.

Shudder is also adding more films to its library

February 1:

My Bloody Valentine 3D – In this remake, Harry Warden was the only survivor of a Valentine’s day mining disaster, but is left in a coma. A year later, he wakes up and commits multiple murders before staggering, wounded, back into the mine. Ten years later, the mine owner dies, his son returns to sell the mine, and strange murders begin to occur.

Return of the Living Dead 3 – 2-4-5 Trioxin gas causes another zombie outbreak, and the military has big plans to use them for combat purposes. Sounds disastrous, doesn’t it?

Homebodies – When a group of elderly people find out their homes are going to be demolished, they try to persuade developers to change their minds, to no avail. What other option do they have than to do away with the developers?

Fear No Evil – 17-year-old Andrew’s father starts to see that something is a bit off with his son. Eventually, he comes to understand that he is raising the son of Satan. As Andrew’s powers begin to increase, they come in handy for taking care of bullies.

The Queen of Spades – Based on a short story by Alexander Pushkin, this 1948 film introduces us to Countess Ranevskaya, who made a deal with Satan so she will always win at cards.

Still from Nocebo. Photo Credit: Shudder /

Baby Blood – In this French film, pregnant Yanka’s womb is infected by a parasite that needs blood in order to survive. Yanka obeys the creature, committing murder to keep her infant fed.

Malefique – Another French film, this one is about a man who has been convicted of financial fraud. He and his prison cellmates find a mysterious journal hidden in the wall, and end up involved in black magic.

And Soon the Darkness – Two American women backpacking across South America head for a river to spend some downtime. After an argument, the two women are separated, and one of them is kidnapped.

February 6:

Stepfather II – Terry O’Quinn returns as Jerry Blake, escaping the institution he was placed in. Of course, he immediately goes in search of a new woman to torture marry. Meg Foster appears as Jerry’s new gal Carol, who of course ends up fighting for her life.

Stepfather III – That crazy stepdad is back, this time played by Robert Wightman. Once again, he escapes, and gets some cut rate plastic surgery to alter his appearance. He ends up engaged to the same old hijinks again, this time targeting Priscilla Barnes.

Last & First Men – Based on Olaf Stapledon’s 1930 sci-fi novel, this film is narrated by Tilda Swinton. The narration serves as a message originating two billion years from present time as our descendants prepare for inevitable extinction.

February 13:

Nekromantik – A street cleaner specializes in cleaning up after horrific accidents, and decides to bring a dead body home as a “toy” for he and his wife. The trouble starts when his wife begins to prefer the corpse over her own husband.

Nekromantik 2 – In this sequel, a necrophiliac nurse tries to hide her preference from her new boyfriend. Little does he know, she still has pieces from her last boyfriend in her possession.

The Final Terror – In this 1983 slasher, a group of people decide to camp in the woods in Northern California. When will people learn this is NEVER a good idea? Because they end up trying to fight off a killer.

Lust for a Vampire – This is a 1971 British Hammer film, and is the second film in the Karnstein Trilogy, very loosely based on Sheridan Le Fanu’s novella Carmilla. In the 1800s, a Count and Countess perform a Satanic ritual to bring back their dead daughter Carmilla. It doesn’t end well.

February 16:

The Witch: Subversion – Ja-yoon is a high school girl suffering with amnesia. Ten years after she escapes from a strange laboratory, she has no memory of her past life, and has been adopted by the couple who found her. With her family hurting financially, Ja-yoon decides to audition for a singing contest, which brings her into the public eye.

The Witch Part 2: The Other One – Obviously, this is a sequel to The Witch: Subversion. A diverted bus ride ends with the abduction of a young woman, and another girl escapes from another secret laboratory.

February 20:

NomadsNomads is a 1986 film adaptation of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s novel. A French anthropologist played by Pierce Brosnan is an expert on nomads. When he is taken to the ER in an LA hospital, he is treated by Dr. Flax, who finds herself possessed by his memories.

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