Arrow in February – a gothic, tech and monster mash up

Arrow - Courtesy Arrow Video
Arrow - Courtesy Arrow Video /

As we roll into February, love is in the air, but at Arrow, so are gore, monsters, and scares. Arrow’s titles this month start with a look back into the minds of horror pioneers, touches on some technological scares, pairs Valentines day with the undead, and closes out the month packing a hefty punch of powerful martial arts prowess. Lock in and check out what Arrow is shooting our way this month.

Arrow kicks off the month with a pair of documentaries focused on the evolution of American Indie films including Robert Altman: Giggle and Give In and Made in the USA.  The former was originally produced way back in 1996 and includes great commentary and contributions from many including Elliott Gould and Shelley Duvall. Take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on February love of some indie innovators.

As we move through the month, Arrow will be dropping several series.

It is starting with a look into the mind of renaissance man Charles Band. The acclaimed writer, director, and actor was a critical catalyst in the 80s home video scene and this series will include several pieces of his wackiest works including Trancers, Tourist Trap and Doctor Mordrid. Explore time traveling trials and evil little puppets in Charles Band: The Puppetmaster, which dropped February 3rd.

We shift gears on February 6th. With the world around us embroiled in technology, why not remind everyone of the horrors that could happen on their little screens? Don’t hit send! In the series Killer Tech, we find out the ways our favorite devices could become our undoing. Moving from videotapes to virtual reality, this series covers every horrible side effect of the wonders of fancy technology and includes titles such as .com for Murder, Laguna Ave, and Edge of the Axe. 

Arrow – Courtesy Arrow Video /

On February 10th, Arrow hands it off to LA cult film aficionados Cinematic Void for the special series of Cinematic Void Selects. CV film programmer Jim Branscome has handpicked a few genre bending and mind melting classics to treat Arrow fans to this month. Titles include Deadly Games and Deep Red and they’re sure to bring the heat and spice to the cold month of February.

Arrow moves into the day of love, February 14th, with two features about the undead. Could you think of anything more romantic than Two Orphan Vampires and Zombie Lake? Also dropping on the same day is Orchestrator of Storms: The Fantastique World of Jean Rollin. This film focuses on the work of horror innovator and pioneer Jean Rollin and his plight in creating and piloting horror through the 60s and 70s, mostly alone. Learn more about his vision and his innovative ideas that built up many of the powerful voices we have in horror today.

On the 17th and 24th of the month, Arrow closes out with two collections. The first focusing on cinema icon Claude Chabrol who released over 50 feature films and inspired generations of filmmakers who followed him. The collection, entitled The French Hitchcock: Claude Chabrol, will feature a few of his films including Cop au vin, Madame Bovary, and The Swindle. The second collection is a brutal handful of powerful martial arts inspired knockouts that feature Sonny Chiba, the King of Karate. With titles ranging from The Street Fighter, Wolf Guy, Battles Without Honor, and Humanity: Hiroshima Death Match, this collection will send you straight back into the 70s where a flurry of fists did all the talking.

Arrow will finish the month with Millionaire’s Express, where a luxury train is caught between the crosshairs of former outlaw Ching Fong-tin (Sammo Hung) and a gaggle of bandits who seek the incredible riches located inside. Lock in for a blurry quarrel of fists and firepower in the final Arrow offering for the month.

If you’re not an Arrow subscriber – February would be the time to try it out as your 30 day trial period before paying $4.99 a month! You’re sure to get struck by this Arrow of cupid and fall in love with their many enticing offerings!

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Are you an Arrow subscriber? Will you be feasting upon these February offerings? What are you looking forward to most?