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Cocaine Bear - Courtesy Universal Pictures
Cocaine Bear - Courtesy Universal Pictures /

Cocaine Bear promises to be an action-packed, gory, wild ride of a film, and is there a better way to spend a weekend than watching something like that? I think not!

Anyone who has seen the trailer for Cocaine Bear has probably laughed out loud at the sheer craziness of it. What a crazy premise, a gigantic bear ingesting a bunch of cocaine! But, Cocaine Bear is actually loosely (very loosely) based on the 1985 true story of a 175-pound American black bear that came across packages of cocaine that had been dropped by smugglers in Tennessee. In all, the bear ingested about 75 pounds of the drug before it was found dead in Northern Georgia.

Unlike the events in the upcoming film, the bear did not kill anyone before it died from an overdose. The only death occurred when drug smuggler Andrew C. Thornton II jumped from the plane and his parachute did not open properly. After an autopsy was performed on the bear, it was taxidermied, and currently resides at the Kentucky Fun Mall in Lexington, Kentucky.

In the film Cocaine Bear, a 500 pound black bear ingests the cocaine from a dropped duffel bag before going on a wild and very bloody killing spree in Georgia. Locals and tourists alike are on the menu, and must work together to try and defeat the drugged-up animal.

Cocaine Bear boasts a strong cast of actors

Cocaine Bear
Cocaine Bear – Courtesy Universal Pictures /

The film stars Keri Russell (Dark Skies), O’Shea Jackson, Jr. (Straight Outta Compton), Alden Ehreneich (Supernatural), Christian Convery (Sweet Tooth), Brooklynn Prince (The Turning), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family), Margo Martindale (Justified) and Ray Liotta in one of his final roles before his death last year.

Cocaine Bear was directed by Elizabeth Banks (Slither), who tends to be drawn to scripts that involve ensemble acting. Banks said in an interview with SyFy Wire that she doesn’t think there are any “small” parts in the film, and “you can fill out a movie like this with really fun character actors.”

That’s exactly what it looks like Banks accomplished with her new film, and I fully intend to watch it on a big screen this weekend. Cocaine Bear opens in theaters Friday, February 24. In the meantime, you can watch the very entertaining trailer here:

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