Wolf Garden is an interesting slow burn

Wolf Garden - Courtesy Gravitas Ventures
Wolf Garden - Courtesy Gravitas Ventures /

Wayne David’s Wolf Garden may offer viewers an incredibly slow-paced horror film; however, it thankfully has an intriguing mystery that is sure to interest horror fans that are okay with movies of a slower nature.

Wolf Garden, which stars and was written and directed by Wayne David, focuses on William, a man who is hiding out in a remote cabin, obviously haunted by his actions. What exactly David’s William has done remains the film’s central mystery, with many flashbacks to the character’s stay at the cabin with his wife, Chantelle.

The titular location, “the Wolf Garden,” was the perfect place to ask the audience to experience the movie, given the obviously low-budget nature of the film, especially with how atmospheric the location is. Seeing as how 90% of the movie takes place within this remote cabin, the singular location could have really made the film a chore to get through. Nevertheless, there are enough scenes outside the house throughout the film that make the cabin feel much more open than one would expect.

The main character William is another interesting aspect of the movie, as Wayne David comes into the role as the plot progresses. While in the beginning, the character feels a bit on the nose with both the writing and acting, the unraveling mystery assists the character and actor into becoming something much more interesting than the early parts would have you guess. I didn’t piece it together in my head that David was also the writer and director of the movie until the end credits rolled, which made the whole character, along with his performance, all the more impressive.

Wolf Garden
Wolf Garden – Courtesy Gravitas Ventures /

In some of the promotions for Wolf Garden, the movie has been compared to that of It Follows, something that is a bit misleading as I didn’t find too many similarities between the two except for the fact that they are interesting indie movies. Wolf Garden is a much more claustrophobic movie, as it primarily focuses on the cabin location, so it’s much better to go into the film under this mindset than to expect that the movie is like It Follows.

Wolf Garden deserves a watch if you’re okay with slower-paced movies.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much else I can go into as the movie is definitely best experienced when you know as little as possible. All I will say is that the rest of the small cast does a great job with the small amount of screen time that they have.

Ultimately, if an action-packed horror movie is what you are looking for, then Wolf Garden is by no means meant for you. Still, if you are willing to give a slow-paced 90-minute movie a chance, though, you will be rewarded for your time with a unique yet interesting story. Also, for those who like horror movies that aren’t totally violent and full of blood and guts every two seconds, then this is certainly a good recommendation, as while there is blood, it’s not an absolute gore fest.

Wolf Garden releases on Video On Demand services on February 28.

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