Can I watch Carnival Row season 2 without seeing season1 ?

Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

While it is technically possible to watch Carnival Row season 2 without having seen season 1, I would strongly advise watching the first season first. Here’s why:

Carnival Row season 1 educates viewers on the show’s universe and characters, introducing them to the city of Burgue, its different races and groups, and the fundamental war between humans and fae. It also establishes the main characters’ personal relationships and histories, especially the love conflict between Orlando Bloom’s character Rycroft Philostrate and Cara Delevingne’s character Vignette Stonemoss. It may be difficult to fully understand the events and character developments of Carnival Row Season 2 without watching season 1.

The fantasy series Carnival Row is set in the Burgue, a city with Victorian influences. It follows the lives of mythological creatures who have migrated to the Burgue from their own lands, including faeries and fauns. The humans, who are in charge and control society, view these creatures as second-class citizens.

The first season sets up the main theme of the show, which is the battle between people and legendary creatures, as well as the investigation of a string of murders that raises the possibility of disturbing the uneasy peace between the two groups. Carnival Row’s second season continues the main conflict, while adding new characters and subplots. It does this by building on the plots and character arcs established in season one. Viewers who haven’t seen the first season may be missing out on critical context and details because of the large number of references and callbacks to season 1 events throughout the second season.

Carnival Row — Courtesy of Julie Vrabelova/Prime Video
Carnival Row — Courtesy of Julie Vrabelova/Prime Video /

There are specific plot moments in Carnival Row’s season 2  that closely relate to the events of its first season, in addition to the world-building and character development elements. Season 1 introduces, for instance, the rebel fae movement led by the figure Runyan Millworthy and the political power struggle between the human Chancellor Absalom Breakspear and his wife Piety Breakspear. Carnival Row’s season 2 continues and deepens these conflicts, with the events of the second season being greatly influenced by the characters’ choices made in season 1.

Carnival Row is also a very complex and deep drama, with a lot of characters, subplots, and thematic ideas that are interconnected throughout both seasons. Skipping the first season might lead to misunderstandings or a lack of emotional involvement in the people and their stories, making it more challenging to completely comprehend the story that is delivered.  If you go directly into Carnival Row season 2 without having seen season 1, you could find it difficult to follow the plot.

You may participate in the discussion with other fans of the show by watching season 1 prior to Carnival Row season 2. It’s possible that discussions and theories about the show that are based on things that happened in season 1 may be incomplete if you watch Carnival Row season 2 before season 1. You may participate in the fanbase and the discussion more fully by watching season 1 first.

Overall, even if it is possible to watch the second season without having watched season 1, doing so is not advised. It’s not strictly necessary to watch season 1, but it’s often a good idea to do so if you want to fully understand and appreciate the show. The first season may also help you connect emotionally with the characters and get more invested in their stories, which can make viewing the next seasons much more interesting. A less satisfactory viewing experience could come from skipping the first season, which sets important background and the second season’s foundation.

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