ID: Mean Girl Murders and Killer Cheer coming in March

Mean Girl Murders - Courtesy ID
Mean Girl Murders - Courtesy ID /

ID is premiering two new 6-episode true crime series in March, and they will be shown back-to-back.

In the series Mean Girl Murders, ID will investigate stories involving vicious cliques and back-stabbing friends, beginning with the first episode, Battle of the Besties. Stacy DeGrandchamp was a popular athlete and the star of her high school volleyball team in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

On the night of August 15, 2002, police responded to a call and found the 17-year-old lying in the driveway bleeding from multiple stab wounds. Eyewitnesses stated that Stacy and another girl were involved in a vicious fight, and by the time someone stepped in to break it up, Stacy’s shirt was soaked with blood.

Witnesses even gave police the name of 16-year-old Holly Boisvert, who was fighting with Stacy, but when Holly was interviewed, she denied having a knife. She said the other girl must have injured herself when she was knocked into a recycling bin.

Stacy died from her injuries, and her case went cold for nearly 20 years. In 2019, the case was reopened, but will police be able to pin the murder on the now adult Boisvert?

ID will have more Mean Girl Murders in the following weeks

Later episodes of Mean Girl Murders will peek into the lives (and deaths) of Vegas showgirls, a nasty revenge story out of Albuquerque and a battle between two Texas rodeo Queens. There will also be more stories involving women gone bad.

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Killer Cheer is the second ID series making its debut in March. In this series, we will be diving into stories involving young girls, beginning with the first episode All American Murder. When a popular schoolgirl is killed in broad daylight, police at first think she was killed by an out-of-town stranger. But the investigation leads to the discovery that the killer is someone much closer than they ever suspected.

Later episodes will include the story of a 15-year-old girl who died after being stabbed only steps away from her California home, the tale of a missing cheerleader in a small town in Massachusetts, and an obsession gone horribly wrong in Augusta Georgia.

Mean Girl Murders will premiere on ID Monday, March 13 at 9:00 pm ET, and Killer Cheer will follow immediately afterwards at 10:00 pm ET.

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