The Wrath of Becky to premiere at SXSW Film Festival this month

The Wrath of Becky - Courtesy SXSW
The Wrath of Becky - Courtesy SXSW /

Fans of the ultra-violent film Becky will be happy to know that The Wrath of Becky is headed to theater screens very soon. But first, the sequel will make its debut at SXSW Film Festival this month.

The original film was supposed to debut at Tribeca in April of 2020, but that festival was cancelled because of the COVID pandemic. Instead, it hit VOD and select drive-ins. All things considered, the film did fairly well at the box office.

In Becky, Lulu Wilson (The Haunting of Hill House, Ouija: Origin of Evil) played the title character, a teenage girl angrily grieving the loss of her mother. Her father (Joel McHale, Deliver Us From Evil) is taking her on a trip to their lakefront vacation home, and springs it on her that his girlfriend and her young son will be joining them.

Becky is not happy about the surprise guests, especially when dad announces that he and his girlfriend Kayla (Amanda Brugel, The Handmaid’s Tale) are engaged. Becky storms out, and when she returns, she discovers that a group of escaped convict/neo-Nazis (led by a cast-against-type Kevin James) are holding her dad, Kayla and little Ty prisoner. This vicious group of men are no match for Becky, though, and what follows is excessively violent and gory in the best possible way.

Becky and The Wrath of Becky both feature Lulu Wilson in the title role

Lulu Wilson and Kevin James both gave outstanding performances in Becky, and it was a great ride. Judging by the teaser trailer and the photo released from The Wrath of Becky, the sequel looks like it will be equally bloody and violent. It was written by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote.

The Wrath of Becky
The Wrath of Becky creators Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote- Courtesy SXSW /

Set two years after the attack, The Wrath of Becky finds our teen heroine living off the grid and being cared for by an older woman named Elena. A group of bad guys break into their home and not only attack Becky and Elena, but take Becky’s dog Diego. NOT smart, guys! In response, Becky does what Becky does to protect herself and her new family.

Seann William Scott (Bloodline) appears in The Wrath of Becky as Darryl, the leader of the fascist group Becky is now tangling with. Something tells me Darryl won’t be appearing in any further sequels.

The Wrath of Becky will screen on the following dates / theaters during SXSW:

March 11 – Alamo Lamar D

March 14 – Stateside Theatre

March 15 – Alamo Lamar D

Becky is currently available to stream on Showtime, and you can see the teaser trailer for The Wrath of Becky below.

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Are you a fan of 2020’s Becky? What do you hope to see in the upcoming sequel The Wrath of Becky? Tell us about it in the comments section.