CRAM is a must-see for all horror fantasy lovers

CRAM- Courtesy Terror Films
CRAM- Courtesy Terror Films /

With the Oscars finally over, I’m sure we’re all tired of sitting through two-and-a-half-hour-long movies. Luckily, we are being blessed with a horror film that is not only incredible but also has a perfect runtime of 44 minutes. CRAM is a horror fantasy that takes us into the terrors of academia and visualizes the anxieties that we’ve all been forced to feel in our lives.

CRAM – Courtesy Terror Films /

CRAM is about a burnout college student named Marc (played by John DiMino) who is desperate to finish his final paper. Marc has survived school primarily through cheating, something I’m sure we’ve all resorted to at least once. This paper is no exception, as Marc feels the only option for him to pass is to use the work of his friend Alice (played by Carolina Do). As we dive into the movie, Marc is left alone in the dark, unsettling library which slowly turns nightmarish as we slip into the horrifically fantastical depths of Marc’s mind.

“Thou hast been covetous of honors mine.”

The element of fantasy is encompassed mainly by The Master of The Books, the leading force behind Marc’s nightmare. Wonderfully played by Brandon Burton, this character gives the film an added layer of interest and allows us to perceive him as both fun and deeply unsettling.

CRAM – Courtesy October Coast and Terror Films /

Whether you’ve experienced college or have only pushed through grade school, this is an extremely relatable story for everyone who has experienced the school system. We all have fears that stem from academia, and this is a story that focuses on those fears and speaks to them on a deeper level. This film gives us an opportunity to really digest the strange pain and unfairness of schooling.

As I previously mentioned, the relatability of CRAM truly makes it a film for everyone. In particular though, fans of horror fantasy who’ve enjoyed films like Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) and Men (2022) should certainly check it out.

CRAM is available beginning Friday, March 17. Stream it on Tubi or rent/buy it on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Google Play.

Stay tuned for my interview with writer/director Abie Sidell where we discuss and analyze CRAM. You can also look forward to my interview with production designer Sydney Amanuel as we dive into her amazing work on the film. So if you’re left with questions after watching CRAM, don’t worry – you’ll get answers!

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