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The best Korean horror movies – Possessed (2009)

Possessed (2009) is a South Korean horror film directed by Lee Yong-ju. The movie follows a group of people who become possessed by evil spirits after playing a mysterious board game.

The film features a talented cast, including Nam Sang-mi as Kang Seo-yoon, a teacher who gets involved in the game and Ryu Seung-ryong as Ryu, a journalist investigating the mysterious deaths surrounding the board game. Other notable cast members include Lee Yong-nyeo, Kang Ki-doong and Park Won-sang.

The film follows Kang Seo-yoon, a new teacher at a school who is struggling to connect with her students. One day, she discovers a board game called Fox with a Box and decides to play it with her students to help them bond. However, strange things begin to happen and the players start to become possessed by evil spirits. Seo-yoon and Ryu, a journalist investigating the deaths surrounding the game, must work together to uncover the truth and stop the spirits before it’s too late.

Possessed is a chilling and suspenseful horror film that delivers scares through its atmospheric visuals and eerie sound design. The film’s slow burn approach to horror allows the tension to build gradually, leading to a terrifying climax that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats. The talented cast delivers convincing performances, particularly Nam Sang-mi, who brings depth and vulnerability to her role as the lead character. Overall, Possessed is a must-watch for fans of supernatural horror.

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