Sundance TV expands on true crime content with another season of It Couldn’t Happen Here

It Couldn't Happen Here - Courtesy Sundance TV
It Couldn't Happen Here - Courtesy Sundance TV /

Once again, true crime is making waves as Sundance TV expands upon its True Crime Story franchise. Sundance just announced that it has renewed It Couldn’t Happen Here, which is hosted by Hilarie Burton Morgan.

Season two of It Couldn’t Happen Here will explore true crime stories that happened in small American towns, showing how the horrific crimes affect the population. Season one helped Devonia Inman gain his freedom after being wrongfully incarcerated for over 20 years.

In 1998, Donna Brown was a night manager at a Taco Bell in Adel, Georgia. While leaving work one night, she was shot and killed, and robbed of her car and the restaurant’s revenue for the day (about $1,700).  Inman was convicted, despite the lack of evidence proving he was guilty.

Many years later, a mask found at the murder scene was DNA tested, and that test proved that only the DNA for Hercules Brown was present on the mask. Brown had been convicted and was serving a life sentence for murder committed during an armed robbery that happened while Inman was in jail. Still, it took eight more years for Inman to finally get the justice he deserved and be released from prison.

Also announced were two new series coming to Sundance TV, True Crime Story: Citizen Detective and Crimes of Entitlement.

True Crime Story: Citizen Detective is a docuseries exploring true crime stories as seen by amateur “citizen” sleuths. Citizen detectives are a growing group of true crime followers who attempt to help solve unsolved cases. Each episode of Citizen Detective will feature an amateur sleuth focused on a case that they are determined to close.

True Crime
Hilarie Burton Morgan with Joyce Argo and Rebecca Lane- It Couldn’t Happen Here _ Season 1 – Photo Credit: SundanceTV /

Crimes of Entitlement introduces us to criminals who are so arrogant and – well – entitled, that they commit crimes with no thought of being caught. The series will look into the reasoning that goes into these often elaborate crimes, and attempt to discover why they happen.

Joining these three true crime series is a fascinating four-part limited series titled Look Into My Eyes. Dr. George Kenney was a respected high school principal in Florida, and he apparently practiced hypnosis on the students in his care.

Three of those students died in 2011, two of suicide, and one in a car accident. Look Into My Eyes interviews eyewitnesses, member of the victims’ families and experts to try and figure out what exactly happened.

Although no premiere dates have been announced for It Couldn’t Happen Here, True Crime Story: Citizen Detective or Crimes of Entitlement, Look Into My Eyes will debut on Sundance TV June 15.

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