Arrow in April – a month filled with shambling dead and Jackie Chan

Arrow - Courtesy Arrow Video
Arrow - Courtesy Arrow Video /

As April is coming in hot, Arrow is in full bloom right along with it as it springs forth some of the best documentaries, selections, and series your horror-loving brain can possibly imagine. As always, a few fact-packed documentaries set the mood for us before we dip into many new series and a bevy of great selections including an offering starring the legend Jackie Chan himself. Buckle up for a full month of horrible delights.

Arrow yet again kicks off the month on the 7th with a duo of documentaries by the incredible Paul Joyce. The first, Sam Peckinpah: Man of Iron zones in on the often-debated and polarizing director Sam Peckinpah. The Wild Bunch and Straw Dogs director’s violent style made him the subject of many conversations and this in-depth look at his life from those who worked closest with him surely isn’t to be missed. The second, Pieces of Time: Bogdanovich on the Movies, is a tell-all style jaw-dropping peek behind the curtain with the acclaimed director where he spills secrets regarding his career, his ups and downs, and some industry truth bombs. He even throws in some impressions of Hitchcock and Orson Welles for good measure.

On April 11th, Arrow returns to the wonderful world of Sammo Hung but this time, his good friend and film legend Jackie Chan is in tow. The beloved buddy action film Heart of the Dragon features both Hung and Chan as brothers. Chan is an older brother who is a cop and looking after his younger brother with intellectual disabilities. When both brother’s lives are put in danger, intense action and high-flying stunts ensue as this 80s goliath of Hong Kong action cinema is restored with even some additional fight scenes tacked on for good measure. You don’t wanna miss this gut punch of a good time.

Arrow – Courtesy Arrow Video
Arrow – Courtesy Arrow Video /

As we roll forward to April 21st, a duo of films featuring an antagonist fighting for their very life in dire circumstances arrives in No Escape and The Grand Tour. In No Escape, the late Ray Liotta plays a former marine captain sentenced to a remote and dangerous island full of the world’s deadliest criminals for allegedly assassinating his former commanding officer. He must do everything he can to fight for his freedom and his life. The Grand Tour stars another legend in Jeff Daniels who plays a widowed innkeeper who has only the help of his daughter when a band of strange tourists shows up at their inn bringing horrible and explosive intentions with them.

Arrow – Courtesy Arrow Video /

As always, Arrow has new series locked and loaded.

As always, Arrow will also debut a group of series throughout the month. Starting with Benson and Morehead Selects on April 3rd. This series will delve deep into the creative and twisted minds of sci-fi and lovecraftian horror aficionados and powerful directing duo Aaron Benson and Justin Morehead, who have conscripted a group of their favorite films from the expansive Arrow library. With titles such as Donnie Darko and Audition, these boys won’t disappoint. On April 7th, brains are back on the menu when The Dead Walk series shambles into our lives. If you love those stumbling and hungry zombies, you’re in for an undead treat with selections from genre legends such as Fulci to Romero and titles like Zombie Lake and Horror Express. On the 17th, another selection arrives, this time Video Archives Podcast Gala Avery hand picks some of her favorite easy watches for a spooky Friday night at home with your favorite takeout food. Lean back and enjoy selections such as the Switchblade Sisters and Mill of the Stone Women as Gala takes you on an eclectic tour of some of her favorite romps.

On April 21st, it’s time for another big helping of sick filth. Ban This Sick Filth: The Return is doing you a favor by collecting all the most disgusting, raunchy, and controversial content and putting it all in one filthy collection for you to totally avoid at all costs….unless? If you are so tempted to open this collection of depraved lunacy, you’ll find such titles as Angel and Sweet Trash. The series will close out on the 28th as it cooks up its newest wonderful creation in It’s Alive! The Mad Scientist Collection where they’ve tinkered and mixed their most potent of brews to distill this crafted collection of the most insane creators and their unhinged creations. Prepare for chaos with titles like The Devil Bat and The Curious Dr. Humpp.

There is no time like the present to spring into Arrow. Subscriptions are available for $6.99 monthly or $69.99 yearly. New subscribers can start a 30 day free trial.

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