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Min Hyejin in Hellbound - Courtesy of Netflix
Min Hyejin in Hellbound - Courtesy of Netflix /
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Must-watch Korean horror web series: The Cursed

The Cursed is a popular Korean horror web series that premiered on tvN in 2020. The series follows a journalist named Im Jin-hee, played by Uhm Ji-won, as she investigates a mysterious group known as Forest, which is rumored to have supernatural powers.

As Jin-hee delves deeper into Forest’s activities, she uncovers a web of corruption and deceit that threatens to engulf her and those around her. Along the way, she is joined by a shaman named Hong Ji-ah, played by Sung Dong-il, who helps her navigate the dangerous supernatural world she has stumbled into.

The Cursed has been praised for its atmospheric horror elements and its strong performances from its cast. The series also explores themes of power, greed and the abuse of authority, as the characters confront the darker aspects of human nature.

The series was created by writer-director Yeon Sang-ho, who is known for his work on the zombie thriller Train to Busan. Like Kingdom, The Cursed has been credited with helping to raise the profile of Korean television internationally, particularly in the horror and thriller genres.

In addition to Uhm Ji-won and Sung Dong-il, The Cursed features a talented ensemble cast, including Jo Min-soo, who plays the enigmatic leader of Forest and Jung Ji-so, who plays a young girl who becomes embroiled in the supernatural events surrounding the group.

The series has been praised for its writing, which deftly weaves together elements of horror, mystery and social commentary. It also features impressive visual effects, which help bring the supernatural elements of the story to life.

The Cursed was a critical and commercial success in Korea and has been well-received by international audiences as well. It has been praised for its strong female characters and its exploration of contemporary social issues, such as the abuse of power and the exploitation of vulnerable populations.

Overall, The Cursed is a thought-provoking and chilling series that combines supernatural horror with sharp social commentary. It is a testament to the creativity and talent of the Korean entertainment industry and is well worth watching for fans of the horror genre.

 The Cursed is available for streaming on Netflix.