The other AHS season 12 teaser big reveal (besides Kim Kardashian)

The next season of American Horror Story returns this summer, which means it’s time for the promotion process to begin. They kicked it off with an AHS season 12 teaser that immediately sent the Internet buzzing.

As teasers have done in previous seasons, they don’t reveal much. Just enough to get us excited and start us talking and speculating about what’s to come. In the case of the AHS season 12 teaser, its job was a partial cast reveal.

So that’s one thing we know: a couple of the actors who will be in it. But is there anything else?

Yes! One other thing we don’t usually know this far ahead of the season premiere.

Let’s start with the partial cast reveal and then discuss the other one.

AHS season 12 teaser reveals surprising cast addition

American Horror Story alum and fan fave Emma Roberts is returning to this season’s cast. This will be her first time back since 2019, when she was in AHS: 1984.

American Horror Story AHS season 12 teaser

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: 1984 — Pictured: Emma Roberts as Brooke Thompson. CR: Kurt Iswarienko FX

But joining her is a super surprising addition: Kim Kardashian! That’s what got the Internet all fired up.

As The Hollywood Reporter explained, “Murphy and Kardashian are friends,” but he liked what he saw when she hosted Saturday Night Live in 2021. After that, they started talking “about crafting a unique role for her scripted TV debut.”

The article also explained there will be a couple of firsts this season, including that it “will be written and showrun by a single writer, Halley Feiffer.”

The other has to do with what this season is about —and what inspired it, something else the teaser revealed.

AHS season 12 teaser title revealed

In an unprecedented twist, we also have a general idea of what the season will be about. The teaser’s music —a creepy rendition of the Rock-a-bye Baby  song— sort of alludes to it. From that alone, we could guesstimate kids are somehow involved.

But the trailer specifically states what this season’s title is, Delicate. As The Hollywood Reporter article explained, in another first in the franchise’s history, it’s “based, at least in part,” on Delicate Condition, a forthcoming novel from Danielle Valentine.

The book will be published in August 2023, so it may release around the same that AHS season 12 premieres. Here’s the synopsis of the book from the publisher, Sourcebooks:

Anna Alcott is desperate to have a family. But as she tries to balance her increasingly public life as an indie actress with a grueling IVF journey, she starts to suspect that someone is going to great lengths to make sure that never happens. Crucial medicines are lost. Appointments get swapped without her knowledge. Cryptic warnings have her jumping at shadows. And despite everything she’s gone through to make this pregnancy a reality, not even her husband is willing to believe that someone is playing twisted games with her.

Then her doctor tells her she’s had a miscarriage—except Anna’s convinced she’s still pregnant despite everything the grave-faced men around her claim. She can feel the baby moving inside her, can see the strain it’s taking on her weakening body. Vague warnings become direct threats as someone stalks her through the bleak ghost town of the snowy Hamptons. As her symptoms and sense of danger grow ever more horrifying, Anna can’t help but wonder what exactly she’s carrying inside of her…and why no one will listen when she says something is horribly, painfully wrong.

Are you looking forward to watching American Horror Story season 12 and to seeing Kim Kardashian join the cast? We’d love to know your thoughts. Leave them in the comments!