First Terrifier film to receive a theatrical re-release this summer

Terrifier - Courtesy Dread/Epic Pictures
Terrifier - Courtesy Dread/Epic Pictures /

Since last year’s Terrifier 2 was such a hit upon its theatrical release, it should come as no surprise that 2016’s Terrifier will soon be returning to theaters as well. Epic Pictures’ horror label Dread has made an announcement sure to delight fans of Art the Clown.

David Howard Thornton played the killer clown in both films, and almost immediately became a modern horror icon. Decked out in a black and white clown suit and makeup, the character was only made more frightening by the extreme gore contained in Terrifier and Terrifier 2.

While the first film was popular with horror fans, it’s safe to say that nobody really expected the sequel to hit quite as hard as it did. Initially opening on only 886 screens, Terrifier 2 grossed $825,000 in its first weekend…and it only grew from there.

Terrifier 2 was a low budget film that brought in high numbers

As people started talking about how disgustingly gory and bloody the film was, claiming that viewers were even vomiting, people began buying tickets in droves. On the second weekend, while showing on only 700 screens, Terrifier 2 made even more money than it had opening weekend.

Terrifier – Courtesy Dread / Epic Pictures /

These numbers are even more impressive when you take into account the fact that this was a micro-budget film with a run time of over two hours.

By contrast, the first film didn’t even initially have a theatrical run. Two years after its release, it screened in five theaters, where it grossed around $2,500. But its popularity on demand and streaming made the filmmakers believe that a sequel was in order. Good decision on their part.

If you, like most fans, did not get to see Terrifier in theaters, you can remedy that on July 19, when it will hit the big screen in over 700 theaters across the United States.

Terrifier features Thornton, Jenna Kanell, Catherine Corcoran and Samantha Scaffidi, all of whom reprised their characters in the second film. On Halloween night, Tara (Kannel) is stalked by Art the Clown, a serial killer who commits his murders in horrific ways.

No doubt, the film’s creators are hoping lightning will strike twice, and Art the Clown will make as much money in July as he did last October.

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