Seven of the very best found footage horror films ranked

1999 Heather Donahue Stars In "The Blair Witch Project." (Photo By Getty Images)
1999 Heather Donahue Stars In "The Blair Witch Project." (Photo By Getty Images) /
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#5: Paranormal Activity:

This extremely popular film was reportedly shot for around $15,000, again proving that less is more where found footage horror is concerned. Set in a modern home that definitely does not have the look of a haunted house, Paranormal Activity gave the found footage horror genre a much-needed shot in the arm.

A young couple named Katie and Micah have moved into a new house. When they start experiencing some odd paranormal activity in the house, they set up a camera in the bedroom, because during the night is when Katie starts to act a little…let’s just say odd.

While a ouija board spontaneously combusting is unexpected, for my money the most chilling moment (other than that jump-scare ending) is a time lapse shot that shows Katie standing at Micah’s side of the bed, just staring at him for several hours. Several. Hours.

Paranormal Activity was a huge success. After it was screened at some film festivals, it was snapped up by Paramount Pictures, who invested around $200,000 into some modifications, including a different ending. In some circles, it is considered the most profitable film ever made.

It has spawned six sequels thus far, including 2021’s Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin and a documentary called Paranormal Activity: Unknown Dimension. All can currently be streamed on Paramount+.