Social media horror film Influencer coming to Shudder this month

Influencer - Courtesy Shudder
Influencer - Courtesy Shudder /

Influencer made its debut in 2022 at Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, before being presented at other festivals, where it won several awards. The film will stream exclusively on Shudder and AMC+ later this month.

Writer/Director Kurtis David Harder also produced the delightful Superhost on Shudder in 2021, as well as V/H/S 94. That means he is very well-versed in what Shudder subscribers want in a horror film, so I am personally hoping that Influencer will be another pleasant surprise (I loved Superhost).

Joining other social media horror films such as Deadstream, Spree, Searching and Unfriended, it should be interesting to see what the new film brings to the table. Social media is becoming a hot topic in many film genres recently.

Madison (Riverdale’s Emily Tennant) is a very popular social media influencer travelling in Thailand, and of course making videos and taking photos to share with her followers along the way. While it may look like she is having an exciting vacation, the truth is that she is lonely and bored.

Shudder - Influencer
Influencer – Courtesy Shudder /

You see, Madison’s boyfriend was supposed to go on the trip with her, but cancelled, so she is reflecting on that instead of having a good time. Then she meets an adventurous traveler named CW (See’s Cassandra Naud), and things pick up.

CW takes Madison to some great photo-worthy locations and the two travelers hang out with residents and visit all of the local hangouts. The two become friendly, and discuss the differences in their lives. When CW brings Madison to a deserted island, things take a turn.

Influencer will be available on Shudder May 26

Sara Canning (The Vampire Diaries) and Rory L. Saper (The Legend of Tarzan) also appear in Influencer.

Influencer will debut on Shudder and AMC+ on May 26. If you are not already a Shudder subscriber, visit their website to get a free 7-day trial subscription.

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