Arrow in May: Paranormal frights and bloody delights

Arrow May schedule
Arrow May schedule /

May flowers? More like May frights! Arrow is blooming into the summer and shining brightly upon yet another collection of horror docs, series, and selections to help quench your horror appetite.

As per usual, we start with an appetizer of a few documentaries guaranteed to set the mood before moving into some series that will take us from the wild and weird, back to the 60s and then into the world of the paranormal. Strap in because Arrow is flying yet again!

Arrow May schedule – Courtesy Arrow Video /

Arrow is jumpstarting the month with a pair of documentaries that hit screens on May 5th. In a sort of follow up to last month’s docs, we dive even deeper into Sam Peckinpah’s controversial thriller Straw Dogs. Get a deep cut all the way down to the bone as renowned documentarian Paul Joyce digs deep into this infamous film which pushed the limits of cinema in Mantrap: Straw Dogs: The Final Cut.  Joyce also treats us to a personal and relaxed hang-out with German filmmaker Wim Wenders. Explore the mind of the rock and roll loving outsider and hear him regale with tales of stars he has worked with through the years, including Harry Dean Stanton and Dennis Hopper in Motion and Emotion: The Films of Wim Wenders.

On May 8, Arrow is treating us to another Jackie Chan knockout film in Hand of Death. Explore one of Jackie Chan’s very first speaking roles of his career after his stuntwork with that OG kung-fu treat. A rare film with all three major Hong Kong action filmmaking stars involved with Sammo Hung, John Woo, and Jackie Chan, Hand of Death is a must-see for any hardcore kung-fu or Hong Kong cinema aficionado.

Then, on May 19, Arrow is tossing out some true raunchy and controversial titles with Jess Franco’s  Mansion of the Living Dead and Ruggero Deodato’s House on the Edge of the Park. Both of these flicks are guaranteed to make you laugh and squirm as they challenge your cinematic mindset.

Lastly, Arrow will be breaking out many new series this month. Starting with a deep dive into horror icon Dario Argento. Molto Argento compiles a handful of sleek and stylized smash hits from the legend. Featuring the first two films of his heralded Three Mothers trilogy, and some of his other standouts such as Tenebrae, Deep Red, and Phenomena, this collection chocked full of brain bending mysteries and thrillers, this collection will suit fans and first timers alike as they explore the wild mind of Argento.

On May 5, we pivot to a collection of the weirdest and strangest cult movies ever made. In a collection comprised entirely of films on the Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film, this collection is where you will find the most outlandish and insane films that range from solid social commentary to arduous trash. Including titles such as Something Weird and The Baby, The Psychotronic collection is sure to leave your brain in a pretzel. For all of the gore and blood enthusiasts out there, May 12 is calling your name as the crimson bloodbath of The Gore The Merrier awaits you. Filled to the brim with all the blood and guts you can find and featuring titles such as Island of Death and Inferno of Torture, this collection is guaranteed to make you lose your head.

On May 19 and 22, Arrow looks for help on some recommendations. Starting with the Masters of Horror where nine acclaimed directors from the 2005 show of the same name will unite for recommendations over their can’t-miss films. Including names such as George Romero, Stuart Gordon and John Landis, you simply cannot miss this. Then on the 22nd, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Clown in a Cornfield Adam Cesare Selects his favorite titles including The Crazies and Dark August. 

Arrow finally wraps up their series with Ghostly Goings-On, a traipse into the supernatural and paranormal full of apparitions and phantoms alike. With titles like Scared Stiff and Lady Morgan’s Vengeance, you’ll want to bundle up and enjoy these ghostly delights.

With all these wonderful offerings, there is no time like the present to enjoy your summer months with a side of blood curdling screams. Subscriptions are available for $6.99 monthly or $69.99 yearly. New subscribers can start a 30-day free trial.

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