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In the second episode of Love & Death, Candy and Allan keep seeing each other romantically. They have sex often and even go on trips together. However, during one of their meetings, Candy asks Allan about Betty’s affair.

Allan tells her that Betty herself told him about the affair and he feels responsible for leaving her alone to handle it. He also says that they should stop seeing each other because Betty will be having a baby soon and he wants to be nearby in case she needs his help.

Candy says she will be there for Betty if she needs help and she tells Allan that she’s starting to have feelings for him. Allan tells Candy not to worry and says their affair has even helped his relationship with Betty in some way.

In the next part of the episode, Betty gives birth to a baby girl and the Gore family changes churches. However, Candy and Allan’s affair persists despite this.

Allan informs Candy that he will be taking the newborn to visit his parents and they plan to meet on another day. Candy agrees, but she feels upset that Allan is canceling their date. As the week passes, Candy becomes increasingly uneasy with Allan’s lack of presence.

Allan and Candy meet up again for another sexual encounter. However, after this, Allan tells Candy that they need to stop seeing each other in that way because it’s affecting his marriage. Candy gets upset and throws a fit, but they eventually agree to take a break from their affair.

Love & Death season 1, episode 1 Recap: Encounters
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After several months, Allan requests Candy’s help in taking care of their children while he and Betty attend a marriage encounter. This encounter is meant to signal the end of their affair. Candy accepts the request and things go smoothly for Betty and Allan at the event. They begin to open up to each other and even renew their vows by the end of the encounter. They then return home together.

Candy appears unhappy when she sees Betty and Allan’s renewed closeness. Betty suggests that Candy and Pat should attend a marriage encounter as well.

Here are the Goods and Bads analysis of episode 2 of Love & Death


  • The episode explores the dynamics of an extramarital affair and its effects on the people involved.
  • Candy offers to support Betty during a difficult time, showing a willingness to help others.
  • Betty and Allan attend a marriage encounter and are able to renew their vows and strengthen their relationship.


  • Allan continues to have an affair with Candy despite his wife’s pregnancy and the birth of their child.
  • Candy becomes increasingly uneasy with Allan’s lack of presence, showing the emotional toll of being involved in an affair.
  • Candy throws a fit when Allan tells her they need to end their affair, highlighting the negative impact of infidelity on emotions and relationships.
  • Betty’s suggestion for Candy and Pat to attend a marriage encounter may not address the root cause of the affair and its impact on their marriage.

The second episode of Love & Death looks at the relationships and feelings of the characters. Candy and Allan continue to have an affair, but it starts to cause problems. They realize that they can’t keep going like this.

Betty and Allan attend a marriage encounter and it helps them talk about their feelings. But it also shows that people need to talk and think about their relationships. It will be exciting to see what happens next in the series.

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