Evil Dead Rise extended preview and gift cards on Vudu

Evil Dead Rise, Warner Bros. Production released April 21, 2023
Evil Dead Rise, Warner Bros. Production released April 21, 2023 /

I’m not going to lie. In fact, I’m going to make a bold confession. The Evil Dead was one of those horror movies that just didn’t do it for me. “It” being scare me. I had no desire to see any of the other movies in the franchise. And I definitely never expected to feel compelled to want to watch the latest installment. But now I do after watching the Evil Dead Rise extended preview.

However, it all started with the trailer, which looked freaky AF. Thanks to it sparking my curiosity, I watched the extended preview, which became available this week courtesy of Vudu, the video-on-demand streaming service from Fandango. (You can watch it too. It’s embedded below.)

It offers a sneak peek of the movie’s first 10 minutes, which starts with a jarring, buzzy, above-ground zoom through a forest while the opening credits roll. Luckily, it didn’t last too long. Just long enough to be slightly annoying and uncomfortable.

But how was the rest of the first 10 minutes? Let’s put it this way: it was enough to help me understand why Evil Dead Rise received high praise at this year’s SXSW Film Fest.

A look at the Evil Dead Rise extended preview

Evil Dead Rise extended preview
Evil Dead Rise, Warner Bros. Production released April 21, 2023 /

It becomes clear pretty quickly that it’s not a swarm of bees, wasps, flies or another type of flying insect headed over the lake toward a woman sitting on the dock reading a book. It’s a drone.

The guy flying it walks up behind her, laughing. It’s obvious she knows him, and is very annoyed by how close he flew the drone to her, but what’s not obvious at all is what their relationship is. Husband and wife? Boyfriend and girlfriend? Brother and sister?

She asks about someone named Jessica. He says she’s back at the house. (A really cool-looking A-frame house, by the way.) Dock Girl heads there next.

That’s when we find out Jessica is Dock Girl’s cousin, and the annoying guy on the dock is Jessica’s latest boyfriend.

Jessica, however, is unresponsive. She’s passed out on the bed.

Or is she?

That’s all the play-by-play of the Evil Dead Rise extended preview I’ll comment on.

I will say that this offering in the Evil Dead franchise is probably the first one I’m going to like. Not sure yet, though. The jury’s still out. I have to wait until I see the whole thing, but thanks first to the trailer and now to the extended preview, I at least want to watch it.

Evil Dead Rise gift cards

In addition to the extended preview, Vudu also released four different digital Evil Dead Rise gift cards this week. Which, let’s face it, make much better gifts for the horror movie lover in your life than a Necronomicon. You can find them (and all of the other digital gift card options Vudu offers) here.

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