Love & Death season 1, episode 3 recap: Stepping Stone

Love & Death starring Elizabeth Olsen on HBO Max.
Love & Death starring Elizabeth Olsen on HBO Max. /

Love & Death season 1 episode 3 takes place in October 1979. Betty and Allan have just returned from a marriage encounter, but their daughter is concerned about how others perceive their family.

Candy’s daughter informs her of this and Candy discusses it with Allan. However, Allan dismisses her and insinuates that he doesn’t need to end his affair with her just because of the marriage encounter. Frustrated, Candy decides to leave the decision up to Allan.

Candy moves on from Allan and starts a new business venture with her friend, Sherry. Meanwhile, Betty becomes increasingly anxious about a breast pain she experiences and worries that she might have cancer.

Although Candy tries to avoid Allan, she calls him and learns about Betty’s health concerns. Candy visits Betty to support her, but their conversation is uncomfortable, especially when Allan returns home.

Candy and Pat attend a marriage encounter where they struggle to express their feelings to each other at first. However, they eventually open up and discuss their desires and goals for their relationship.

Candy and Pat go to Betty’s house for an uncomfortable dinner, and Pat later finds a love letter from Allan to Candy and becomes upset. Candy apologizes and promises to end the affair. They decide to work on their marriage by going to counseling and eventually, they successfully regain each other’s trust and strengthen their bond.

After several months, Candy’s daughter invites Betty and Allan’s daughter to join them for a movie and Betty agrees. During a visit to Betty’s house, they have a conversation about their lives, but it takes a turn for the worse when Candy admits to having an affair with Allan.

Betty becomes overwhelmed with emotion and grabs an axe from the laundry room, leaving Candy to fear for her safety.

Love & Death season 1, episode 3 recap: Stepping Stone
Love and Death /

Love & Death Season 1, Episode 3 -Strengths

  • Love & Death Season 1 Episode 3 presents a compelling and engaging storyline that keeps the audience captivated.
  • The episode handles complex themes like infidelity, trust and communication in relationships with maturity and sensitivity.
  • The character development is impressive, with each character showing growth and change as the episode progresses.
  • The performances by the actors are excellent, especially Elizabeth Olsen and Jesse Plemons, who bring depth and nuance to their roles.
  • The episode also does a good job of immersing viewers in the setting and culture of 1970s America.

Love & Death Season 1, Episode 3 – Weaknesses:

  • While the episode’s pacing is generally well-executed, some scenes feel unnecessarily dragged out.
  • The dialogue could also be more concise, as some conversations tend to ramble on for too long.

Final Thoughts:

Love & Death Season 1 Episode 3 is a really good episode that shows how well the show is written, directed and acted. Although there are a few small problems with the episode, the good things about it are more important.

The ideas in the episode are interesting and make you think. People who like the show will be happy with this episode and people who haven’t seen the show might like it too.

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