Australian horror film Run Rabbit Run coming to Netflix in June

Run Rabbit Run - Courtesy Netflix
Run Rabbit Run - Courtesy Netflix /

Netflix is bringing us the Australian psychological horror film Run Rabbit Run at the end of this month. Run Rabbit Run made its premiere at Sundance in January of this year, where it received lukewarm reviews, but the trailer looks pretty interesting to me personally. And it has been compared to The Babadook and Hereditary, two films that I really like.

Originally, Elisabeth Moss was attached to the film, which was being directed by Daina Reid, who worked with Moss on the series The Handmaid’s Tale. But a year and half later, Moss had to remove herself due to scheduling issues. Sarah Snook (Succession) was then announced as portraying the lead character, a fertility doctor whose 7-year-old daughter Mia begins to exhibit some strange behavior.

Over the next few days, Mia begins to seem like a different child than she was before, throwing tantrums and requesting to see Sarah’s mother, who she has never met before. Sarah and her mother are estranged, and Mom has been hospitalized for quite some time. When Mia begins to claim to have memories of another life, her mother is forced to dig into her own troubled past for answers.

Run Rabbit Run will be available to stream on Netflix on June 28

Run Rabbit Run
Run Rabbit Run – Courtesy Netflix /

Mia is played by Lily La Torre, who also appeared in the thriller series The Clearing. Also appearing in Run Rabbit Run are Damon Herriman (Mindhunter) and Greta Schacchi (The Terror). In 2019, director Daina Reid was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series for The Handmaid’s Tale. Her achievements, combined with the talent of the actors in Run Rabbit Run give me high hopes for the film.

Want to know more about Run Rabbit Run? Check out the trailer here:

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