Beau Is Afraid: A cinematic masterpiece or just another horror flick?

Beau Is Afraid in theaters Apr 21, 2023, A24 film.
Beau Is Afraid in theaters Apr 21, 2023, A24 film. /

Welcome to our review of the movie Beau Is Afraid. It’s a scary movie directed by Ari Aster, who tells stories in a special way. This movie is not like other scary movies. It explores the feeling of guilt and tells the story in a different and surprising way. You will feel both interested and a little scared as you watch the main character go on a strange and creepy adventure.

Review of Beau Is Afraid

In the movie Beau Is Afraid, director Ari Aster tells a spooky story that mixes horror and nightmares. It’s not like typical scary movies. Instead, it explores the theme of guilt and messes with how stories are usually told. Audiences will be captivated and disturbed by the strange and unsettling journey the main character goes on.

The movie follows Beau Wasserman, a person who is scared of many things. He lives with his controlling mother, Mona Wasserman, in a scary neighborhood. The film shows how scared Beau is and how chaotic his life feels. Small things like losing keys or belongings make his fear worse. The movie blurs what’s real and what’s in Beau’s nightmares.

Beau Is Afraid: A cinematic masterpiece or just another horror flick?
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 10: (L-R) Ari Aster, Joaquin Phoenix and Lars Knudsen attend the Los Angeles premiere of A24’s “Beau Is Afraid” at the Directors Guild of America on April 10, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) /

After an accident, Beau ends up with a couple named Grace and Roger, who seem nice but act strangely. He suspects that something is wrong. Meanwhile, he gets a call saying his mother has died. Beau faces challenges that test him, like a hero in a story. But things get confusing as his fears mix with reality. The movie talks about family, personal growth and what happens when we don’t face our fears.

While taking a break in a community, Beau watches a play that seems like his own life. The movie uses drawings to show how Beau changes from watching to being part of the story. He remembers past events, including a girl named Elaine. But moments of hope quickly disappear and Beau keeps running from strange people and his own past. The movie surprises the audience and makes them feel uncomfortable.

Beau Is Afraid is Ari Aster’s scariest and hardest-to-understand movie yet. It takes inspiration from hero stories but changes them in strange ways. It puts viewers in Beau’s scary and chaotic world. With its creepy visuals, dark humor and unexpected twists, the movie explores guilt and how fear affects a person’s mind.

Final thoughts

It may not be a movie for everyone, but those who like confusing and scary stories will find it interesting. Beau Is Afraid doesn’t fit into one category and asks viewers to get lost in its mysterious world. It shows Aster’s skill as a director and how he can create strong emotions through psychological horror.

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