Spirit Halloween introduces terrifyingly cute Horror Babies

Spirit Halloween Horror Babies - Courtesy Spirit Halloween
Spirit Halloween Horror Babies - Courtesy Spirit Halloween /

Can you smell the pumpkin and smoke in the air? Spirit Halloween is gearing up for the spooky season by introducing more great horror-movie inspired officially licensed props/decorations.

We already told you about the Spirit Halloween Corpse Bride Funko Pop! Movie Moment figure, but now they are introducing a line of Horror Babies, inspired by iconic horror movies we all know and love.

What horror fan doesn’t love to watch Trick ‘r Treat every year during October? And Scream has been in the horror forefront since the most recent sequel was released this year, so a Ghostface figure would be perfect in your horror-loving home.

If you think Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the perfect gritty horror movie, you know that no character represents it better than Leatherface. Between Stephen King’s best-selling novel IT, the classic miniseries of the same name, and the two-part epic remake from a few years back, Pennywise is an iconic figure in horror.

What do these four films have in common, and how on earth could cute babies play a part in their representation with Spirit Halloween? Let’s take a look!

Spirit Halloween
Spirit Halloween Horror Babies – Courtesy Spirit Halloween /

First up is the Trick ‘r Treat Sam Horror Baby. We all know and love (and fear) Sam, who fiercely defends Halloween traditions in the popular film Trick ‘r Treat. Armed with his deadly lollipop, this adorable Sam figure is realistically painted.

Not wowed by that one? How about a Scream Ghost Face Horror Baby? Perfect for fans of the popular slasher film franchise, this cute lil’ fellow may look harmless, but he comes equipped with a knife for slashing his unsuspecting victims.

If your horror movie tastes run more old school, you might want to purchase the Texas Chainsaw Massacre  Leatherface Horror Baby. Don’t let his high level of cuteness fool you, or you might get whacked with his mallet!

Spirit Halloween
Spirit Halloween Horror Babies – Courtesy Spirit Halloween /

Not afraid of clowns? The Pennywise Horror Baby may change that pretty quickly. He holds a paper boat, ready to lure unsuspecting victims into the sewers of Derry.

Each Spirit Halloween Horror Baby figure is made of foam filled with latex. The “hauntingly adorable” Horror Babies are available to buy for $49.99 each on the Spirit Halloween website, and you can get them while supplies last.

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