An all-new season of Paranormal Caught on Camera coming to Travel Channel in July

Paranormal Caught on Camera - Courtesy Travel Channel
Paranormal Caught on Camera - Courtesy Travel Channel /

Travel Channel consistently delivers great paranormal content. Whether you are looking for a series that recounts haunting activity as told by the people who experienced it, or would rather watch paranormal investigations, you can probably find it on Travel Channel.

Now Travel Channel has announced the return of Paranormal Caught on Camera for an all-new season of mysterious events that have actually been recorded on video. The series replays and breaks down recordings of supposed Bigfoot sightings, scary ghost-type activity, UFOs and the like. Interviews and commentary from the witnesses and specialists are used to try to get to the bottom of these sometimes puzzling videos.

Paranormal Caught on Camera includes video from a wide variety of sources: CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), drones, GoPro and footage recorded on phones. The clarity of the footage varies, so it’s not always easy to make sense of what you are seeing, and that’s where the specialists come in.

Prior episodes have included a strange human-type creature scaling the walls in an Austrian cave, a being that looks very much like Slenderman chasing two friends through the forest in Canada and drone footage taken in the UK that features a strange figure all in white. There is even footage that includes a figure that was at first believed by the person recording to be Jesus Christ. And, of course, there is ample video footage of UFOs, hovering, moving rapidly across the sky, and in one case, hitting a car and causing an accident.

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When does the new season begin on Travel Channel?

For the new season, each hour-long episode will feature both new and returning experts to help us break down the footage and analyze it to see if what has been caught on camera is paranormal or just…well, normal. The new season of Paranormal Caught on Camera will make its premiere on Travel Channel on Sunday, July 9 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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