Shudder is adding Sharksploitation documentary and more in July

Sharksploitation - Courtesy Shudder
Sharksploitation - Courtesy Shudder /

Shudder has released its July schedule, with two new originals, one exclusive and a scant handful of “repertory titles new to Shudder.”

Fans are getting a little nervous about the lack of new content over the past six months, and I feel that. I have long been a devoted Shudder fan, and I hope we will soon be back to the days when my monthly schedule article was twice the length of this one.

The good news is that The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs continues with its fifth season, and we can catch a new episode each Friday through July 21. Join Joe Bob, Darcy and the rest of TLDI crew for horror and hijinks each week, starting at 9:00 p.m.

Etheria – Courtesy Shudder /

July 2 – July 31:

Etheria Film Night 2023 – Etheria is an annual film fest that features science fiction, horror and fantasy films directed by women. For its 10th anniversary, it is once again streaming exclusively on Shudder throughout the month of July.

July 3:

Day of The Dead – In George A. Romero’s third Night of the Living Dead film, soldiers and scientists hide out in a bunker in Florida. As the scientists work to find a solution to that pesky zombie problem, the soldiers protect them. Meanwhile, Dr. Logan is experimenting on the undead, and manages to more or less domesticate one known as “Bub.”

July 10:

The Boogey Man – After witnessing her brother kill their mother’s abusive boyfriend in front of a mirror, Lacey went on to live a more or less normal life. She, Willy (now mute), her husband and child live with their aunt and uncle. But when Lacey begins to suffer recurring nightmares, it seems that something may have been freed from the mirror.

The Devonsville Terror – Dr. Warley (Donald Pleasence) sets out to investigate a so-called witches’ curse in Devonsville. It seems that 300 years earlier, three women suspected of being witches were violently killed there. When three new assertive women arrive in town, he begins to think that they are the three original witches reincarnated.

Quicksand – Courtesy Shudder /

July 14:

Quicksand (Shudder Original, available in US, CA, ANZ and UKI) – An American couple contemplating divorce attend a work conference in Colombia. As they hike in the rainforest, a storm erupts, and they end up in a quicksand pit, unable to move. As the two struggle to survive, they have to fight off a snake and other jungle elements.

July 17:

Contorted – In this Korean horror film, a family moves into a surprisingly inexpensive home (that’s always a warning sign). Mom Myung-he immediately begins to suffer with nightmares, and she insists she hears noises coming from the locked shed.

The high point of the July schedule for Shudder just may be Sharksploitation

July 21:

Sharksploitation (Shudder Original, available in CA, US, ANZ and UKI) – Ever since Jaws was released in 1975, shark films have been a staple in the horror genre. Every horror fan knows that nothing screams “summer” like a shark-themed horror flick. This Shudder Original documentary dives into the massive amount of shark films (good, bad, and yes – weird) that have been released over the years.

July 24:

Death Game – This is the 1977 film that Eli Roth’s Knock Knock was based on. An affluent businessman opens his door during a storm to find two young women claiming their car broke down. The women seduce him, then become violent and threatening.

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