Arrow in July: An explosive look through history

Arrow July - Courtesy Arrow Video
Arrow July - Courtesy Arrow Video /

Arrow is back yet again for another month of heart-pounding delights. As the dead of summer hits and the heat is simply too much to bear, the perfect solution is cooling down with a variety of fresh new offerings. So take off your swimsuit and settle into the couch for a whole bevvy of exciting new haunts and adventures with Arrow.

Arrow July schedule – Courtesy Arrow Video /

Early in the month on July 7th, Arrow kicks the door right in to start the month with the beloved Yakuza Graveyard from 1976. This action-packed adventure starts when Detective Kuroiwa falls for the beautiful wife of the incarcerated boss of the nefarious Nishida gang. As the Detective finds himself deeply embroiled in a Yakuza war, he must navigate his way for his own safety and the safety of his new muse. This classic film sees legendary director Kinji Fukasaku at the true height of his career and is a can’t miss for this month.

Dropping on July 14th, Bruce Campbell makes his charismatic return to Arrow with Running Time. He plays Carl, a man who launches a full scale heist against the prison who just released him in an attempt to expose the mob funding therein. Enlisting the help of his old crew, Carl finds his heist is full of unexpected twists and turns he never could have anticipated, and as the clock ticks, Carl must make a life altering decision that could change his entire future. Full of action and twists, don’t miss this classic Bruce Campbell romp.

A real treat this month is at high noon on July 24th, the Blood Money Collection drops. A selection of the late 60’s surge of spaghetti westerns are rollin’ into town. The mid 60’s saw the Dollars trilogy explode and make way for a ton of this fresh Italian spin on Westerns that are famous for their cynicism, antiheroes and unapologetic and brutal violence. Four handpicked offerings will grace the Arrow screen that all center around the idea of blood money. With titles like $10,000 Blood Money, Vengeance is Mine,  Find a Place to Die, and Matalo! (Kill Him), this collection will bring the outlaws, renegades and even some boomerangs too. With crystal clear high definition restorations and plenty of bonus material, you can’t miss this Western collection.

Arrow July – Courtesy Arrow Video /

As always, Arrow is also dropping a mixed bag of new Seasons this month. We kick it off on July 7th with the Permanent Vacation season. The perfect pairing with summer trips, this season encompasses beautiful dream holidays, but the kicker is you can’t come home. This season covers everything from islands full of monsters to mutants in the forests and with titles such as Horrors of Malformed Men and Lake Michigan Monster, you’ll be craving your very own deadly getaway after watching. On July 14th, Arrow rolls back the clock with their You’re History collection. The Arrow time machine will blast you straight back into the past with a season packed with historical epics and blood, swords and crazed killers. They say studying the past is the best way to know the future, so why not start now with titles such as Eros + Massacre and Vengeance is Mine. On July 21st, acclaimed actor Josh Ruben enters the scene. The Scare Me and Werewolves Within  actor has came in to select some of his favorite childhood cult classics and given a broad and expansive list of many of the films that molded him from  young age. With titles such as Elvira: Mistress of the Dark and The Guyver, when Josh Ruben selects, you better listen. Arrow closes out the Seasons by bringing in one more guess selector on July 28th. Frankenstein’s Creature director Sam Ashurst comes in and gives an immediate warning, “Brace yourself for crazy kung-fu, stoic heroes, lots of female rage, and some of the coolest movies ever made.” Keeping his promise with choices like Day of Anger and Burst City, if that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will!

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