Barbie-like horror movies you have to see

Barbie, Warner Bros. film out July 21, 2023.
Barbie, Warner Bros. film out July 21, 2023. /

Upon entering the Barbie world and becoming a Barbie girl, I instantly wanted to see some horror movies that had the same vibes. So, I spent some time carefully curating a list of horror movies that can be paired with Greta Gerwig’s masterpiece.

From stylish depictions of the Girl World to female empowerment in a patriarchal society, these scary movies are here to slay.

Tragedy Girls – This witty horror comedy follows two high school girls who blog about the murders in their town as they come to realize that they can gain a greater following if they commit the murders themselves. The stylish 2017 film is currently available for streaming on Prime, Tubi, and YouTube.

Jawbreaker – Reagan High School’s most popular girls pull a prank that accidentally kills their friend, but they don’t plan on giving up their cliquey lifestyle just yet. To feel out the movie before giving it a watch, I’ll give you this quote – “she’s so evil… and she’s only in high school!” The 1999 horror comedy is currently available to rent/buy on multiple platforms.

Assassination Nation – A stylish twist on the Salem Witch Trials, Assassination Nation is about a group of high school girls who get violently blamed for the town’s leaked messages. The strong moral drive of this film is a much more intense version of what we saw in Barbie. The 2018 movie is available with a premium subscription to Hulu, Prime, and Roku.

Black Swan – An emotionally unstable ballerina (Natalie Portman) lands the lead in Swan Lake and proceeds to undergo emotional crises and a full on mental breakdown. Now that sure sounds like Barbie! The 2010 film is currently available to rent/buy on multiple platforms.

Men – After the death of her ex-husband, a woman goes on a strange getaway to the English countryside. This movie is layered with important societal metaphors and will sit with you for some time after watching. The 2022 film is available for streaming with a Showtime subscription.

Elisabeth Moss as Cecilia Kass in “The Invisible Man,” written and directed by Leigh Whannell.Null /

The Invisible Man – Elizabeth Moss stars in this tense thriller as a victim of domestic abuse attempting to move forward from her traumatic past. After being informed that her ex has committed suicide, she notices strange and unexplainable things plaguing her existence. This 2020 film is available with a Peacock subscription.

The Stepford Wives – There’s something wrong with these “perfect” housewives in the rich town of Stepford, and it seems like the secret is hidden behind the Men’s Association. Both the original and the remake touch on the terror of the patriarchal vision of husbands and wives. The 1975 version is available for free on Tubi and the 2004 version is available with premium subscriptions to Prime and Hulu.

Freaky – Due to an ancient curse, high school senior Mille switches bodies with a brutal serial killer. I included this movie for the humor and for Millie – when possessed by the serial killer, she totally becomes “that girl.” The 2020 horror comedy is available for free on Prime.

Jennifer’s Body – This is another iteration of “that girl” because Jennifer is undoubtably THAT girl. A demon possesses the body of the hottest girl in high school (of course it’s Megan Fox). What comes next? A hunger for human flesh. The 2009 horror comedy is available with a Max subscription.

Neon Demon – An aspiring model trying to make it in Los Angeles finds herself entering a horrific world of manipulation, jealousy, and of course, cannibalism. The 2016 film is available with a Prime subscription.

What’s a list without some honorable mentions? Some extra Barbie-approved movies include Ready or Not, Teeth, You’re Next, Pearl, Starry Eyes, and It Follows.

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Are there any other horror movies that you think fit the Barbie aesthetic? Let us know in the comments!