Arrow in August: Police, torture, and sweet revenge

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Arrow graphic - Courtesy Arrow Video /

Arrow knows that August is a transitionary month, from the heat of the summer into a slow and steady build into the magic of the fall. Arrow is here to make that transition smooth and easy for you, layering action, fear, and nostalgia and dropping it like the temperature straight to your living room.

As always, Arrow kicks off the month with their latest curation of legend Paul Joyce’s documentaries releasing on August 4th. This month, Joyce is venturing into the mind of all-time comedy legend Peter Sellers in Sellers’ Best. This documentary delves not only into his comedic genius but also delves deep into the essence of the man himself. The film features interviews with those who knew him best, including Spike Milligan, Beryl Reid, and John Sessions. For anyone with an interest in comedy, this special on Peter Sellers is an absolute must-see, offering valuable insights into the life and talent of this unforgettable comedic legend. Joyce also brings us Pictures of Europe. This film explores the important distinctions between American independent and Hollywood productions, contrasting them with the works of visionary European directors. The documentary showcases luminaries from European cinema, including Agnes Varda, Bernardo Bertolucci, and Pedro Almodovar, as well as American counterparts like Paul Schrader and those who have bridged both worlds, such as Paul Verhoeven. This documentary is a cinephile’s dream, packed with wisdom, intelligence and fascination for all film fans.

Arrow then takes it international to celebrate the genius of Rudolf Thome with Red Sun. Emerging through the New German Cinema Movement with names such as Wenders, Fassbinder and Herzog, Thome was left in the dust of international distribution even though he had a storied six+ decade career, so Arrow decided to pull one of his lost classics from the rubble. Red Sun focuses on women’s liberation movements and is a unique and bizarre look into a pop fantasy world. This is a truly unparalleled look into a forgotten relic of the time and isn’t to be missed by film fans.

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Next, Arrow is bringing forth a trio of capers featuring big guns and bigger muscles on August 18th. These titles all feature loose-cannon bad boys with attitudes and little respect for being told what to do. Harken back to the nostalgia days of the 70s and 80s with titles like Double Target, Born to Fight  and Cop Game. All of these bombastic titles come to you straight from the action-packed catalog of Bruno Mattei.

To close things out, Arrow will of course be releasing many new seasons all throughout August. Starting on the 4th with Revengematics. These carefully selected titles really expose the force of karmatic justice and show what goes around, comes around. Featuring worlds where the wicked always get what they deserve at any cost, titles like Vengeance is Mine and Female Prisoner Scorpion these will have you looking over your shoulder to check if you wronged anyone lately. On August 7th, the multi-faceted Reece Shearsmith will join us as the actor/writer/comedian provides us with some of his absolute favorite romps in Reece Shearsmith Selects. Stating, “How do you possibly choose a selection of favourite ARROW film releases and not go mad in the process? Well, that’s what ARROW asked me to do, and I’ve done both. So please go ahead and read my choices as I find I must kill again…” You don’t want to miss this fun and whacky selection featuring titles such as Deep Red and The Crazies.

On August 11th, documentarian icon and Arrow staple Paul Joyce finally gets his own season with Access All Areas: The Documentaries of Paul Joyce. This is truly an all-encompassing look at the past, present, and the future of filmmaking as this legend guides you, leaving no question unanswered. Titles range from Hell on Earth to Made in the USA. On the 18th, we get Renegade Cops. This season goes with the trio of Bruno Mattei bangers and features unruly hot-shot cops who shoot first and question later. Ride along with these titles such as Doberman Cop and Heart of Dragon. 

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Lastly, Arrow winds down the month with the Roger Avary Selects series on the 21st. In an exploration of Academy Award winning filmmaker Avary’s mind, he selects a fun and exciting collection of films to explore. Avary says, “When I select a film, dear viewer, it is safe. There is no question about it anymore. My Selects are the best films. I don’t mean that they’re the most virtuous, or indeed the least virtuous, or the cleverest or the stupidest, or the most expensive or the best made. But the best. In a word, films about which there is no question.” These titles include The Living Dead Girl and Road Games. Arrow closes out the month with the This is Torture! collection on the 25th, designed to make you shield your eyes and cringe in horror ad misery and agony are inflicted before your eyes. Titles include American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice  and Bloodshock. 

With all these sizzling options in the shade of the late summer, there is no time like the present to enjoy your transition into fall with a little help from Arrow. Subscriptions are available for $6.99 monthly or $69.99 yearly. New subscribers can start a 30-day free trial.

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