Shudder asks us to play the Elevator Game in September

Elevator Game - Courtesy Shudder
Elevator Game - Courtesy Shudder /

Shudder has released a pretty solid schedule for September, which we horror fans know is the lead-up to Halloween. There will be a new Shudder Original released each week, along with some pretty good additions to their regular library.

And let me just say, these original films sound really good! For those of you who were expecting Elevator Game to stream in August, good news: It’s coming in September. Let’s take a peek at what Shudder has in store for September:

September 1:

Perpetrator (Shudder Original) – Jennifer Reeder, who brought us last year’s Night’s End, wrote and directed this one.17-year-old Jonny has been sent off to live with Aunt Hildie, probably to keep her out of trouble. On her 18th birthday, Jonny is introduced to the family spell, called Forevering. The spell causes her to turn feral, and she goes after the perpetrator responsible for the disappearance of some teen girls.

September 4:

The Autopsy of Jane Doe – This is one of my personal favorites, and a film that actually scared me – not an easy task, since I have been watching horror movies since I was too young to watch horror movies. Father and son coroners (Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch) are tasked with performing an autopsy on a young woman who has died under unknown and very puzzling circumstances. That’s not as simple a task as it first seems.

Relic – In this Australian horror film, Kay and her daughter go to the family home to find out why Kay’s mother Edna has disappeared. The house is locked from the inside, and the inside is infested with what appears to be black mold. It gets even weirder.

Blood Flower
Blood Flower – Courtesy Shudder /

September 8:

Blood Flower (Shudder Original) – Blood Flower premiered at last year’s Fantastic Fest, and is the first Shudder Original hailing from Malaysia. A 16-year-old faith healer / exorcist apprentice is visited regularly by the dead. When a particularly malicious entity shows up, he is forced to step up and protect himself and his family.

September 11:

Come True – In this Canadian sci-fi / horror film, teenage Sara, who is homeless, suffers from nightmares and has a hard time sleeping at night and staying awake during the day. She signs up for a sleep study as a test subject, and the nightmares worsen.

The Hallow – Adam, Claire and their baby Finn visit an Irish village on the border of a forest. This being an Irish horror film, there are demonic creatures living in those very woods, and the family is in very real danger.

September 15:

Elevator Game (Shudder Original) – Teenager Ryan is determined to find his sister, who apparently disappeared while playing a viral game. The Elevator Game is a ritual wherein those brave enough to play are said to be transported to another dimension…but, there are a strict set of rules to follow.

September 18:

Kill List – A year after he botches a job, a hitman agrees to take on a new hit assignment. If he can kill three people, he will get a lot of money, but this job turns out to be much trickier and more dangerous than he expected.

The Crescent – After Beth’s husband dies, she takes her young son Lowen to a beach house to grieve. When Beth and Lowen begin to clash, she becomes determined to reconnect. But a strange neighbor actively works to keeps them apart.

September 22:

The Angry Black Girl and her Monster (Shudder Premiere) – Teenage Vicaria is a genius who uses her intelligence to try to bring her murdered brother back to life. As anyone who has read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein knows, that’s a dangerous chance to take on.

The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster – Courtesy RLJE /

September 25:

The DjinnDavid Charbonier and Justin Powell wrote and directed this very spooky flick. If you don’t know who they are, you should immediately watch their brilliant film The Boy Behind the Door, also on Shudder. Set in the late 1980s, The Djinn introduces us to a mute boy named Dylan, who lives with his father Michael after an unknown tragedy has occurred. When Dylan discovers a mysterious book in their new house, he attempts to summon a djinn to grant his wish. But Dylan doesn’t know that djinns are tricky.

The Vigil – A former member of the Orthodox Jewish community named Yakov is asked to keep vigil overnight with the body of a Holocaust survivor. That evening, Yakov is tormented by an evil spirit known as a Mazzik.

September 29:

Nightmare – Mona and Robby are on top of the world after Robby gets his dream job. They find a great deal on a huge flat, which needs some work. Robby thinks this is the perfect time to start a family, but now Mona is suffering from horrific nightmares. Worse, she is now convinced that a demon called the Mare is after her and wants to possess her unborn baby.

It looks like Shudder is giving a strong September, which will hopefully lead way to a stellar October!

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