Arrow in September: Special effects, time travel and eating the wealthy

Ringu - Courtesy Arrow Video
Ringu - Courtesy Arrow Video /

Those sweaty and bright days are quickly becoming a thing of the past and before you know it, those rays of sun will become fallen leaves . September, the avenue into spooky season, is upon us and Arrow is embracing it full force. Packed with some special selections and another month full of eye-popping seasons, September is sure to be the ultimate pregame before the Halloween vibes descend upon us. Lock in to see what Arrow is bringing us next month.

We always kick things off with Arrow’s trailblazing documentarian Paul Joyce, who has another two enticing offerings for us this month. On the 1st of the month, Joyce extends The Curious Case of Inspector Clouseau, which outlines the documentary history of the beloved Pink Panther series with an emphasis on star Peter Sellers and the inner mechanisms of his relationship with director Blake Edwards. Then, Joyce takes us deep into the life and accomplishments of Kris Kristofferson in Kris Kristofferson: Pilgrim. His Life and Work. Chronicling his life and career, this documentary gives unfettered access to interviews, special performances and excerpts from his motion pictures. Neither of these expertly crafted documentaries are to be missed.

Ringu – Courtesy Arrow Video /

On September 18th, Arrow resurrects an iconic franchise cornerstone in pristine 4K when it rereleases  Hideo Nakata’s Ringu. Back in 1998, Nakata expertly fused together Japanese traditional folk horror and the rising fear of new technology and crafted Ringu. When a group of teens are found dead and maimed, Reiko sets out to investigate what happened, twisting her into a weaved web of a horrifying urban legend of a video tape, which supposedly kills anyone who views it within the week. Ringu inspired spinoffs, sequels, and even entire franchises and its legacy is still present today. Don’t miss this gorgeous rerelease of a classic and genre-changing film that Arrow is slinging right at you this month.

Arrow is grasping at the last passionate heat of the summer when it turns to a pair of sensual and dramatic films on September 29th. Starting with Julia, a German sex comedy about a boarding school teenager on an adventurous retreat with his father and some amorous friends. It is followed up with Macumba Sexual which is is ‘late career masterpiece’ from Jess Franco. Following a sexually repressed wife who is plagues by visions from the goddess of unspeakable lust, this film is described as a ‘wonderfully vivid sexual nightmare that’s one of Franco’s best.’ Not to mention it is also getting scanned in 2K for the first time ever. You don’t want to miss either of these sultry and sensual romps!

Arrow schedule – Courtesy Arrow Video /

As per usual, Arrow will be dropping many new seasons scattered throughout the month as well. They start on the 1st with Dan Martin Selects, where the special effects wizard behind films like Infinity Pool and Possessor takes us on a romp through some of his absolute favorite titles. With selections such as The Five Venoms  and Hotel Poseidon, this is a must-watch series. On the 8th, Arrow is loading us all up in a time machine and hoping to not end up in a wormhole. The series Trouble in Time focuses on films full of time-traveling adventures such as Whatever This Is and The Navigator and is sure to keep you on your toes. On the 15th, Arrow hopes your bellies are grumbling for some wealth because it’s time to Eat The Rich. Focusing on some films where the class war is stacking bodies, these films underline the recent Hollywood trend of the common man getting his revenge and with titles like Society and Audition on the menu, you’ll want to make sure to get a plate.

Rolling into the 25th, Gremlins and The Howling director Joe Dante is in the building to select some interesting and vivacious choices. “Arrow kindly asked me to curate some films for you. It wasn’t an easy task. Their vast library is the most eclectic group of movies I’ve ever encountered. Nonetheless, I came up with some must-see choices I can really stand behind.” Just like he said, there are some truly excellent selections such as Horror Express and Vampire Circus that should not be missed this month. To close out the seasons, Arrow is bringing us Dark and Sharp: The Jim Cummings Collection. These break open the legendary writer, actor, and directors vault of short films to the public as well as packaging in an original introduction from Arrow.

The summer is on its dying breath and that means the fall is upon us. It is the perfect time to grab an Arrow subscription and tear into the bounty of offering for this month and futures months alike. Subscriptions are available for $6.99 monthly or $69.99 yearly. New subscribers can start a 30-day free trial.