The Nun 2: Valak’s Return – What to remember from the original

The Nun 2 in cinemas Sept. 8, 2023
The Nun 2 in cinemas Sept. 8, 2023 /

As the highly anticipated sequel to The Nun approaches, the release date of September 8, 2023, marks the return of Valak, promising to redefine horror once again. Before we dive headfirst into the spine-tingling experience of The Nun 2,’ let’s take a moment to revisit some key elements from the original film.

Released in 2018, The Nun left an indelible mark on horror enthusiasts, thanks to its chilling atmosphere, heart-stopping jump scares and a sinister storyline intricately woven into the Conjuring universe.

The Introduction to Valak

The Nun serves as a prequel to The Conjuring series and takes us back in time to 1952. The story revolves around a Romanian abbey plagued by an unholy evil. Valak, the demonic entity, is introduced to us in the form of a sinister nun, Sister Valak, who haunts the abbey.

Valak’s presence is marked by a relentless malevolence that terrifies both the characters in the film and the audience. Her appearance alone is enough to send shivers down your spine, with her ghostly pale face and piercing yellow eyes.

The Conjuring Universe Connection

For fans of The Conjuring series, The Nun serves as a crucial piece of the puzzle. It delves into the origins of Valak and the demonic forces that haunt the Warrens, the paranormal investigators at the center of the franchise.

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Sister Irene, played by Taissa Farmiga, is a character who holds a vital connection to the Warrens. Her visions and abilities are central to the plot and lay the groundwork for the larger narrative of the Conjuring universe.

The Dark Atmosphere

One of the standout features of The Nun is its masterful use of atmosphere and setting to create an overwhelming sense of dread. The abbey itself becomes a character in the film, with its foreboding corridors, eerie statues and dark secrets hidden within its walls.

The Nun 2: Valak's Return – What to remember from the original
The Nun 2 in cinemas Sept. 8, 2023 /

Director Corin Hardy and the production team did a commendable job of transporting the audience to a world where the line between the living and the supernatural is blurred.

The Nun doesn’t shy away from delivering heart-pounding scares. From ghostly apparitions to jump scares that will leave you gasping, the film maintains a relentless pace of terror. Valak’s presence is felt throughout and her malevolence knows no bounds.

Setting the Stage for The Nun 2

With The Nun 2 on the horizon, it’s crucial to keep these elements in mind. The sequel is expected to build upon the foundation laid by the original film, offering more insights into Valak’s origins and unleashing fresh horrors.

As you prepare to watch the sequel, consider revisiting The Nun to immerse yourself once again in the terrifying world of Valak. Pay attention to the details, the connections to the Conjuring universe and the ominous atmosphere that makes this franchise stand out in the horror genre.

Overall, The Nun 2018 set a high bar for horror cinema and the anticipation for its sequel is palpable. By revisiting the original film and keeping these key elements in mind, you’ll be better prepared to embrace the spine-tingling fear and excitement that

The Nun 2 promises to deliver. Get ready for a descent into darkness like no other as Valak returns to haunt your nightmares.

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