SpookyWorld documentary Spooktacular! to be presented at Fantastic Fest

Spooktacular - Courtesy Spookywood Productions
Spooktacular - Courtesy Spookywood Productions /

If you love horror documentaries (especially the ones about haunted house attractions), you’ll be happy to know that Spooktacular! will be making its world premiere this year at Fantastic Fest…meaning it should be available to stream (or watch in a theater) soon afterwards.

Spookywood Productions brings us director Quinn Monahan’s look at SpookyWorld, described as “America’s iconic Halloween extravaganza.” Opened in 1991, SpookyWorld is the first-ever multi-attraction Halloween-themed park, and is often credited as kicking off the haunted house attraction craze.

Over time, SpookyWorld grew in stature, drawing horror icons such as Tom Savini, Kane Hodder and Linda Blair. In fact, so enamored is Tom Savini, that he is the Executive Producer of Spooktacular!

Spooktacular! takes a look at SpookyWorld creator David Bertolino, whose innovative ad campaigns and charity events helped turn the attraction into a true phenomenon. The film also includes commentary and stories by others who have been affected by and/or played a part in SpookyWorld.

Horror luminaries such as Robert Englund, Linda Blair, Kane Hodder and Tom Savini were interviewed as part of the film as well.

Spooktacular – Courtesy Spookywood Productions /

Spooktacular! will premiere at Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar during Fantastic Fest

The first showing will be on Saturday, September 23rd at 2:00 p.m., and encore presentations will be on September 27 at 11:10 a.m.

Director Quinn Monahan said:

"“My hope is to transport our audience to the unique time and place that was SpookyWorld. I want them to experience the pre-digital era, where immersive experiences were constructed with plywood, duct tape, and raw talent, rather than virtual reality goggles and computer code. This is an opportunity to relive a bygone era when fun was tangible, vivid, and real, before the indelible impact of 9/11 and the subsequent technological and political changes which now permeate American life.”"

Following its premiere at Fantastic Fest, Spooktacluar! will premiere on the West Coast at BeyondFest. The International Premiere will be at Sitges in Catalonia, Spain.

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