The Ghost Town Terror returns for season two on Travel Channel

The Ghost Town Terror - Courtesy Travel Channel
The Ghost Town Terror - Courtesy Travel Channel /

Joining the other paranormal programming on Travel Channel, The Ghost Town Terror is returning  late this month with six all-new episodes. Join paranormal researcher Sapphire Sandalo and investigator Tim Wood as they go back to Gunslinger Gulch in Montana.

Gunslinger Gulch is a large ghost town with a guest ranch, and the Broussard family thought they were moving into the perfect place in Big Sky Country. Unfortunately, their newly acquired home turned out to be anything but perfect, and they found themselves being menaced by paranormal activity.

As Tim and Sapphire discover, that activity isn’t just limited to the ranch, but extends throughout the whole town, affecting its citizens.

Now they are called upon to not only help the Broussard family deal with accelerating activity (including a chimney fire), but also help out the townspeople of Gunslinger Gulch.

The Ghost Town Terror
The Ghost Town Terror – Courtesy Travel Channel /

When does season two of The Ghost Town Terror premiere?

The first episode of The Ghost Town Terror will debut on Travel Channel on Thursday, September 28 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Five additional episodes will make their premiere each Thursday at 9:00 p.m. thereafter. Here’s a brief episode guide:

September 28:

Firestorm – Tim and Sapphire return to Gunslinger Gulch after a fire erupts at the ranch. Tim goes down into The Pit, and discovers some interesting info.

October 5:

A Debt to be Paid – Sarah relays some visions she has had regarding a cave in the area, and Sapphire’s research uncovers a suicide that is somehow tied in with the Log Cabin. The team works with Karen to try and separate her from her past.

October 12:

I Am the Darkness – Scott Di Lalla works with Sapphire and Tim, using hypnosis to try figure out what in the Broussard family’s history could be contributing to the haunting activity at the ranch. Unfortunately, an angry spirit gets in the way, leading the team to investigate two abandoned hospitals.

October 19:

The Summoning – Tim takes the team members to the Old Montana State Prison in an effort to communicate with Beelzebub, who he thinks is the cause for the extreme activity they have been experiencing.

October 26:

Prey – After Tim and Scott succeed at summoning a demon, despite Sapphire and Sarah’s objections, they team splinters. But they must come back together when the realize a new threat is directly targeting Karen.

November 2:

The Ties That Bind – The team members move into the Broussard family’s home to help free them from The Darkness. But has the saga at Gunslinger Gulch really ended?

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