Netflix in October: The Conference and Sister Death

The Conference - Courtesy Netflix
The Conference - Courtesy Netflix /

A few years back, Netflix presented Netflix and Chills, a virtual Halloween extravaganza of spooky content. Even though that has been dialed back in the past couple of years, the streaming giant still puts out some pretty decent horror during the Halloween season.

This year, we are getting Mike Flanagan’s The Fall of the House of Usher series, along with documentary The Devil on Trial and Bodies (described by Netflix as “A police procedural with a twist”). We are also getting a slasher called The Conference, and Sister Death, the prequel to the very popular Veronica.

Sister Death will get its premiere screening at Sitges Film Festival on October 5 – in fact, it is the opening film of the festival. It will be available to watch on Netflix beginning on October 27.

While not a lot of info has been given yet for it, the synopsis states that it is set after the Spanish Civil War and follows a novice nun named Narcisa. Narcisa possesses some supernatural gifts, which might come in handy when she takes a job teaching young girls in a former convent.

Netflix - Sister Death
Sister Death – Courtesy Netflix /

In Veronica, the title character and her teenage friends make the unwise decision to use a Ouija board, thus releasing evil spirits into her apartment. Supposedly based on a true story, the film was a surprise hit when it released on Netflix a few years ago.

Netflix is also releasing a Swedish horror film in October

The Conference is described by Variety as:

"“a high-concept Swedish comedy slasher film based on a novel by Mats Strandberg, one of Scandinavia’s most successful horror writers.”"

The storyline involves a team-building conference that goes very wrong when there are some accusations of corruption. At the same time, someone is stalking and viciously killing the conference attendees one after the other.

The Conference hits Netflix on Friday, October 13.

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