Arrow in October: A nonstop fright fest of spooky thrills

Arrow October - Courtesy Arrow Video
Arrow October - Courtesy Arrow Video /

Arrow has finally made it to October. There is a crispness in the air, the leaves are spiraling down to be crunched and our ears are perked for the sounds of bumps in the night as the spookiest of seasons descends upon us. Arrow would never let you down this month and is sure to pack in all the blood-curdling madness you could possibly ask for. From ghosts and demons to serpents and horrors, the month is jam packed with everything a horror fan could want.

Arrow October – Courtesy Arrow Video /

Kickstarting on October 6th, Arrow charges in to Elvira Mistress of the Dark, which follows Elvira to a New England town to claim the inheritance of a deceased relative which includes a haunted house, a witch’s cookbook, and a punk rock poodle. All hell quickly breaks out whenever her unorthodox methods are revealed to the townsfolk. Also dropping on this day is the serpentine thriller Calamity of Snakes, featuring a businessman who kills thousands of snakes building a new apartment complex. Whenever his tenants move in, they are the targets of a slithering revenge.

On the truly terrifying day of Friday the 13th, Arrow shines the light on two groups of young people who are tormented in different ways. First, we have The Initiation which focuses on Kelly who is tasked with breaking into her father’s department store at night as part of her sorority initiation. Once onside, Kelly realizes she and her friends aren’t alone as someone is following them around the empty store at night. Alternatively, Rewind or Die  follows a group of six friends in a French countryside cabin who begin watching a series of old VHS horror tapes to pass the time without realizing each one they watch spawns a unique horror into reality.

Arrow October – Courtesy Arrow Video /

On October 23rd, Arrow takes us back to the beginning of the cult classic behemoth Hellraiser in 4K! They visit the first and second film of the series, Hellbound: Hellraiser ll 4K, and we get an even crisper and cleaner look at the horrors that the cenobites inflict upon people as they torture them. Followed by a truly twisted double feature on October 27th where the infamous C.H.U.D. and A Serbian Film drop on the same day. For those unfamiliar, C.H.U.D. follows a group of citizens descending down into the New York City sewers to find a group of creatures they think may be responsible for a grouping of bizarre murders and A Serbian Film  follows a retired porn star trying to score one last job to financially support himself, his wife, and his young son for the long haul in rugged Serbia. However, the final job is a lot more than he bargained for and might cost him his life. Both of these films are famous for their grotesque and brutal displays, like I said Arrow won’t let you down.

Arrow October – Courtesy Arrow Video /

As always, Arrow is also dropping a bevy of series to get you in the spirit, starting with Shocktober 31, where they will highlight one of their favorite horror titles streaming on the platform every day of the month. Ranging in genre from Japanese to Diallo and everything in between, all of these titles can be in the background of your October.

On the 6th, they will launch Dont Look!: Arrow’s Scariest. This collection is a handpicked selection of the scariest titles on the platform so if you are looking to stay up all month, then films such as Two Witches  and Edge of the Axe might be for you! Swedish director Lukas Moodysson who has been praised as one of the country’s greatest filmmaking talents has yet another very anticipated film titled Together 99 coming soon to BFI London Film Festival so Arrow thought it would be a perfect opportunity to highlight his work.

On October 11th, they welcome No Compromise: The Lukas Moodysson Collection, featuring some of his titles like Mammoth and Together. On the 13th, Jed Shephard comes in to select some of his favorite titles. One of the fresh new voices in horror behind smash hits like Host and Dashcam, Jed selects titles that merge cult classis with sci-fi and even a little documentary action.

With titles such as Gwilliam and Who Killed Captain Alex, this will be a whacky and unforgettable series you won’t want to miss. Arrow closes the month with one final series. Giving subscribers a brief reprieve from the horrors of the month, we welcome So Funny It’s Frightening on October 20th. These films are fun and goofy and a great way to celebrate the month if you aren’t into the nightmare material. Including titles such as Hotel Poseidon and Crow Hand, these will give a much needed break from the gore and horror we have been trudging through all month.

All in all, Arrow gives a great opportunity to build and create an ideal spooky season for your tastes. With seasons and collections that run the gamut of every horror genre, there is no better place to be this month than Arrow. Subscriptions are available for $6.99 monthly or $69.99 yearly. New subscribers can start a 30-day free trial.

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