New horror movies available to stream in October 2023

Evil Dead Rise, Warner Bros. Production released April 21, 2023
Evil Dead Rise, Warner Bros. Production released April 21, 2023 /

There have been a number of good horror movies released in the past year, and a lot of them are currently available to stream on various platforms.

Each of the horror movies on the list were released from October of 2022 to now, and we are happy to enhance your Halloween viewing experience by telling you where they can currently be streamed.

The Boogeyman – Currently streaming on Hulu, this Stephen King tale was released in theaters in June. It stars Chris Messina, Sophie Thatcher and David Dastmalchian, and was directed by Rob Savage (Host).

Cobweb – You can watch this horror movie on Hulu beginning October 20. When little Peter hears noises in his bedroom, his parents insist it’s just his imagination. But can he trust them?

Evil Dead Rise – Powered by a terrifying/heart-breaking performance by Alyssa Sutherland, the newest film in The Evil Dead universe is streaming on Hulu.

Horror movies
Cobweb /

M3GAN – Amazon Prime members can stream Blumhouse’s fun horror film for free. So iconic was the M3GAN doll that a horde of MEGANs made pop-up appearances at Halloween Horror Nights this year.

Malum – If you have a Starz subscription, you can watch Anthony DiBlasi’s higher-budget remake of Last Shift, a genuinely frightening horror movie on its own.

The Pope’s Exorcist – Available to watch on Netflix, The Pope’s Exorcist stars Russell Crowe in the central role of Father Gabriele Amorth, an exorcist. The film is based on Amorth’s own real-life story.

Prey for the Devil – In a slight spin on the typical exorcist storyline, this one features Jacqueline Byers as Ann, a nun who wants to train to become an exorcist. It can be seen on Starz.

Scream VI – Streaming on Paramount +, the most recent Scream sequel was set in New York, and saw the return of Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers. It also brought back Hayden Panettiere’s Kirby and Skeet Ulrich as the ghost of Billy Loomis.

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