Shudder re-introduces their Halloween Hotline for a limited time

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Shudder has announced that a Halloween tradition is back this year for two hours only. That’s right, Shudder Vice President of Programming Samuel Zimmerman is back with the Halloween Hotline.

For a very limited time, Zimmerman will be available to horror fans who want some personalized movie recommendations to make their Halloween even more special. It’s just one more way to enhance AMC Networks’ “FearFest, Shocked by Shudder” campaign.

Shudder’s Halloween roster includes several new originals, along with a lot of “Shudder Resurrected” titles – old favorites that horror fans know and love. We’re talking classics like Lake Mungo, The Gate, Killer Klowns from Outer Space and the director’s cut of Hell House LLC.

What better time to re-binge the Hell House LLC films, with the fourth installment coming up on October 27?

As we discovered when we interviewed Zimmerman recently, he knows a lot about horror movies, and has a knack for suggesting films based on one’s particular taste and current mood. Sam is especially enthusiastic when it comes to the Shudder Original film library, so I recommend giving him a call during the Halloween Hotline’s short availability time frame.

Halloween Hotline
Shudder’s head curator Samuel Zimmerman. Image Courtesy Shudder /

So, when can fans call the Halloween Hotline?

Samuel Zimmerman will be available on the Halloween Hotline to offer personalized movie suggestions on Friday, October 27. The Hotline will only be open from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Eastern Time, so it’s a brief window of time. Shudder expects the call volume to be extremely high, and they encourage fans to continue calling if they get a busy signal. There is no guarantee you will get through, but Sam promises to fit in as many callers as possible.

The phone number to call is 212-324-3440. You can also follow @shudder for more information via social media, and keep up with Sam’s Behind the Shudder segments on both TikTok and Instagram using @shudder and/or @amcplus.

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