Originals and new additions coming to Tubi in November

Tubi November 2023 - Courtesy Tubi
Tubi November 2023 - Courtesy Tubi /

Tubi is coming back strong from the Halloween season with a fresh roster of horror and thriller films, including some originals.

It’s free to watch all of the films available on Tubi, so it’s really the best streaming value out there. Sure, it’s ad-supported, but did we say it’s FREE?

Let’s take a peek at what Tubi is bringing us in November.

Annabelle: Creation – In this prequel to Annabelle, we learn how the evil doll came to be. Thanks in part to the kick-a** performance of Lulu Wilson (The Haunting of Hill House), this film is actually better than the original.

Army Of Darkness – The third film in the Evil Dead franchise sees Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) transported back to the Middle Ages, leaning hard into camp territory.

Bride Of Chucky – A favorite of Child’s Play fans, this fourth film in the series introduced us to Jennifer Tilly’s character of Tiffany Valentine.

Tubi in November
CHUCKY — “Cape Queer” Episode 106 — Pictured in this screengrab: Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany — (Photo by: SYFY/USA Network) /

The Cabin In The Woods – In this clever comedy/horror mashup, writers Joss and Drew Goddard put together a bunch of horror tropes to create a twisty-turny story.

Candyman – The film that made Tony Todd a horror legend is now available to stream on Tubi!

Child’s Play 2 – Released two years after Child’s Play, this sequel saw Chucky hunting down poor little Andy, now a child in foster care.

Child’s Play 3 – The next sequel was released less than a year later, and produced disappointing box office returns. A re-animated Chucky again seeks out 16-year-old Andy, who is enrolled in military school.

Cult Of Chucky – In the seventh film, Andy has been sadistically torturing Chucky’s decapitated head for several years, and Nica is in a mental institution where she was placed after Chucky framed her for the murders of family members.

Curse Of Chucky – Nica and her mother receive a Good Guy doll in the mail, and Mom is subsequently killed. But, Chucky doesn’t stop with just one victim!

Drag Me To Hell – All of the elements of classic Sam Raimi are included in this fun, gore-spattered flick. A young woman is cursed by a Romanian woman, and tries to figure out how to escape said curse.

From Hell – Johnny Depp and Heather Graham star in this fictionalized depiction of the story of Jack the Ripper. Depp is an opium-addicted detective trying to track down the serial killer before he murders yet again.

Halloween II – In this direct sequel to 1978’s Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis’s Laurie has been hospitalized after her run-in with Michael Myers. Unfortunately for her and the hospital employees, Michael has followed her there.

Halloween III: Season Of The Witch – The third Halloween film had no direct correlation to the first two films and no Michael Myers – which didn’t make fans happy. Over the years though, it’s become a cult favorite.

The Hills Have Eyes – Whether this is the original film or the remake, you are in for a scary, bloody good time. A normal family is trapped in the desert, where they are stalked by an inbred, cannibalistic family.

Jason X – The tenth Friday the 13th film is set in the year 2455, when Jason Vorhees’s corpse is thawed after being frozen for more than 400 years. Good times.

Mama – Tragically underappreciated, this Andy Muschietti film is powered by strong acting performances by Jessica Chastain and child actors Megan Charpentier and Isabelle Nelisse. When two little girls are left in a cabin in the woods, they are cared for by a creepy entity they call “Mama.” When they are found and returned to their Uncle, Mama goes in search of them.

Misery – Popular writer Paul Sheldon is rescued by his “biggest fan” Annie Wilkes after a terrible car accident. While nursing him in her home, Annie reads his most recent book featuring her favorite character Misery, and becomes unhinged when she discovers he has killed the character.

Queen Of The Damned – Aaliyah played the title character in this sequel to Interview with the Vampire. Six months before the film’s release, she was killed in a plane crash, and the finished product was dedicated to her.

Scream 4 – Released 11 years after Scream 3, this sequel saw the return of Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox. Sidney comes home after being gone for ten years, and another Ghostface shows up to wreak havoc and kill people.

Seed Of Chucky – Set six years after Bride of Chucky, this one focuses on Tiffany and Chucky’s child Glen. Living life as the dummy for a sadistic ventriloquist, Glen sees his parents on television, and goes in search of them.

Silent Hill – Moody, serious an chock-full of great special effects, this is one of the better film adaptations of a video game.

The Thing – John Carpenter’s terrifying masterpiece of scifi-horror stars Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley, Keith David and Richard Dysart as a group of researchers stationed in Antarctica. When they are infiltrated by an extraterrestrial life-form that can take over a human, the men become paranoid and distrustful of each other.

The Thing – Although this 2011 film used the same title as John Carpenter’s 1982 flick, it’s a prequel rather than a reboot or sequel. Members of a Norwegian research team find an alien frozen in the ice in Antarctica, and bring it back to their station. Bad decision.

Unfriended – A screenlife film that is better than it has a right to be, Unfriended tells the story of a bullied high school student named Laura. After an embarrassing video of her is circulated, Laura commits suicide. Later, some of her classmates are harassed on social media, and it turns out that Laura may just be haunting them via their computers.

Here are the originals coming to Tubi in November:

November 9:

Still Here (Tubi Original) – William’s wife wasn’t to crazy about him killing her during an argument, so she comes back to haunt him as a ghost. Her quest to seek revenge makes him wonder if she is really dead.

November 16:

The Last Exit (Tubi Original) – Two brothers, both criminals, hide out in a remote farmhouse during a violent storm. As they soon discover, the family living there has deep, dark secrets of their own.

November 22:

Fresh Meat 2: Killing Dahmer – Jeffrey Dahmer killed at least 17 men, and cannibalized some of his victims. But, he was killed while in prison, and this documentary tells that part of his story.

November 23:

I Hate You to Death (Tubi Original) – Kelsey thinks she has a happy marriage until she discovers she is not the only wife. The “sister wives” work together to seek revenge against the husband they share.

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