New holiday horror films to terrorize us under the mistletoe

IT'S A WONDERFUL KNIFE - Still 2 - Courtesy Shudder
IT'S A WONDERFUL KNIFE - Still 2 - Courtesy Shudder /

The holiday season is officially upon us, and the smell of holiday horror is in the air! It’s a Wonderful Knife released in theaters on November 10, and there are still some interesting holiday horror movies coming up in November and December.

First, let’s take a moment to acknowledge It’s a Wonderful Knife, shall we? Although it only released in 923 theaters, it made an impressive $600,000 + over the weekend…that’s nothing to sneeze at, and it means that horror still sells movie tickets.

It’s set to stream on Shudder beginning December 22, so there is still time to watch it before Christmas. Written by Michael Kennedy of Freaky fame, and directed by Tragedy Girls director Tyler MacIntyre, It’s a Wonderful Knife is a play on It’s a Wonderful Life. One year ago this Christmas Eve, Winnie saved Angel Falls from a serial killer. Unfortunately, her life isn’t any better than it was before, and she makes a wish that she was never born. This throws her into a world in which the killer is still terrorizing Angel Falls, and Winnie buddies up with an unlikely partner to set things right.

Jane Widdop (Yellowjackets), Joel McHale and Justin Long (Jeepers Creepers, Barbarian) star in the film.

Thanksgiving Parade from TriStar Pictures and Spyglass Media Group, LLC THANKSGIVING /

Holiday horror for Thanksgiving

Next up is Thanksgiving, the highly anticipated Eli Roth film based on his faux movie trailer that was featured in Quentin Tarrantino’s Grindhouse double feature in 2007. Although not set during Christmas, it’s still holiday horror, and I am hoping it will join Hulu’s Pilgrim as required Turkey Day viewing in my own home.

When Black Friday causes a tragic riot in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the town finds itself being stalked by a killer dressed as a pilgrim. Roth says the full length version of Thanksgiving was inspired by Black Friday violence, during which shoppers trampled one another in pursuit of video games and televisions. The film looks like it includes Roth’s signature over-the-top gore and violence, and I am personally psyched about the trailer.

Holiday horror film The Sacrifice Game
THE SACRIFICE GAME – Still 3 – Courtesy Shudder /

Shudder Original The Sacrifice Game gets a Los Angeles screening on November 30, followed by New York on December 5. Then it hits Shudder on December 8, and fans will be able to watch the holiday horror film from the safety of their own homes.

The Sacrifice Game is written by Jenn Wexler (The Ranger) and Sean Redlitz, with Wexler also performing the director duties. It’s set in 1971 at the Blackvale School for Girls, where students Samantha and Clara are stuck over Christmas break. The holiday is ruined for them when a group of cult killers shows up on campus.

Advance buzz for The Sacrifice Game has been good, with Dread Central calling it “a new holiday horror classic.” Count me in!

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